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Explore the world of Attack on Titan with the exclusive Attack on Titan Font! Crafted by Morris Fuller Benton, the font echoes the hand-lettered style of the series logo, adding a touch of the intense narrative to your creative projects. Originally known as Linotext Font, it’s released as Wedding Text by American Type Founders. Dive into the dystopian aesthetic of the Japanese manga and anime series, following Eren Yeager and his friends as they combat humanoid creatures known as Titans. The font is free for personal use, allowing you to infuse the series’ captivating essence into your designs. Immerse yourself in the visual storytelling of Attack on Titan by downloading this font for a unique and impactful touch to your creative endeavors!

Use the Attack on Titan Font to transform your graphics and reflect the gripping dystopian story of the series. Accept the Gothic and Fancy aesthetics of this Morris Fuller Benton masterpiece to give your own creations a more immersive feel.

Basic Info of Attack on Titan Font

Font NameAttack on Titan Font
Original NameLinotext Font Family
StyleGothic, Fancy, Typeface, Display
Font DesignerMorris Fuller Benton
File FormatTTF (Truetype)
LicenseFree For Personal Use
FilesLino Text (Truetype)

What Font Does use Attack on Titan

Are you curious about Attack on Titan’s font? “Linotext,” one of the most accurate replicas of the famous poster, is the only place to look. This typeface, designed by Morris Fuller, pays homage to Old English typography, which is distinguished by broad letters and flourishes from a bygone era.

Selected for its elegant and robust letter, the Linotext Font features 10 different types that were pulled from long-forgotten archives. Because of its multilingual support and adaptability, it is a crucial component for any comic book series to succeed. Embrace the unique beauty of the Linotext Font and immerse yourself in the complex universe of Attack on Titan by incorporating strong writing and a dash of history into your artistic endeavors.

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Usage and Applications

  1. Victorian Font: Ideal for vintage-themed designs, invitations, and projects where a touch of classic elegance is desired. Perfect for capturing the essence of the Victorian era.
  2. Original Gangsta Font: Adds a bold and urban aesthetic, suitable for graffiti-inspired designs, street art projects, or any creative endeavor that demands a rebellious and edgy style.
  3. Ancient German Gothic Font: Perfect for historical or medieval-themed projects, this font brings an ancient and Gothic vibe. Suitable for titles, posters, or any design requiring a touch of medieval aesthetics.
  4. Wichita Font: Versatile and modern, Wichita Font is suitable for a range of applications, including branding, logos, and contemporary design projects. Offers a clean and stylish appearance for various creative endeavors. for sports purposes you can combine this font with Space Jam Font

Attack on Titan Font Free Download

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Supported Languages:

This Font is designed to accommodate a range of languages. From English and European languages to specific characters used in German and Gothic scripts, these fonts aim to provide a versatile typographic experience. Always refer to the font documentation for a comprehensive list of supported languages to ensure seamless integration into your multilingual design projects. Whether you’re crafting vintage-inspired invitations, urban graffiti, medieval-themed projects, or contemporary designs, these fonts strive to cater to diverse linguistic needs, enhancing the accessibility and inclusivity of your creative endeavors.


In conclusion, a diverse array of fonts provides a wealth of creative options, from the sophisticated Victorian, to the rebellious Original Gangsta, the medieval elegance of Ancient German Gothic, and the contemporary adaptability of Wichita. Each typeface embodies a distinct personality, fitting a variety of themes like urban vibes, vintage aesthetics, medieval undertones, or modern sleekness. These typefaces provide you with a wide range of expressive options while you work on creative projects. Remember, each font has a unique personality, so make your choices accordingly to enhance the design of your project. Embrace this variation, experiment with styles, and allow these fonts to fuel your innovative typographic journey.


1. What is the inspiration behind the Attack on Titan Font?

The Attack on Titan Font is inspired by the popular Japanese manga and anime series. It mirrors the series’ logo, aiming to capture the essence of the Attack on Titan universe.

2. Can the Attack on Titan Font be used for commercial purposes?

The Attack on Titan Font is for personal use, but it’s crucial to review its licensing terms to ensure compliance with specific commercial usage requirements. Always ensure you’ve confirmed the font’s usage permissions before incorporating it into commercial projects.

3. What is the original name of the font used for Attack on Titan’s logo?

The font used for Attack on Titan’s logo was originally named Linotext Font. Created by Morris Fuller Benton in 1901, it was released as Wedding Text by American Type Founders.

4. How does the Attack on Titan Font contribute to design projects?

The Attack on Titan Font adds a unique and immersive touch to design projects. It lets designers incorporate the visual storytelling elements of the manga and anime into their projects.

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