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The Black Panther Font, formerly known as Decotura Font, is a distinct typeface created by Gene Buban and published by Image Club on September 27, 2005. It gained notable recognition when featured in the logo of the 2018 American superhero film “Black Panther,” released on January 29, 2018. This font, known as “Panthera,” was meticulously crafted by designer Gene Buban, resembling the iconic movie logo.

The Black Panther Font is characterized by strong, angular display elements, crisp edges, and thick lines that convey strength and refinement. Available in small and uppercase capitals, it has gained traction outside of movie logos and has become a favorite in comic books, video games, and movie titles. Designers may utilize the font’s dynamic look in their work because it is available for personal use.

Basic Info of Black Panther Font

Font NameBlack Panther Font (formerly Decotura Font)
DeveloperImage Club
Original ReleaseSeptember 27, 2005
Used in MovieBlack Panther (2018)
DesignerGene Buban
StyleSans Serif
LicenseFreeware (for personal use)
AvailabilityAvailable for free download
FormatsTTF (TrueType Font)
Popular Use CasesMovie logos, comics, video games, titles

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Black Panther Logo

Reason to Use Black Panther Font:

The Black Panther Font, sometimes referred to as Panthera, is a strong, dynamic design that draws the eye in with its sharp, bold letters. This typeface emanates strength and refinement, and it was originally designed for the Black Panther movie logo. Its strong display—characterized by thick lines and crisp edges—makes it perfect for posters, headings, and headlines.

Key Features:

  1. Bold and Dynamic: The font’s design conveys strength and energy, making it perfect for impactful visuals.
  2. Distinctive Charm: Characterized by razor-sharp edges, it stands out and adds a contemporary flair to your designs.
  3. Versatile Usage: Suitable for various applications, including titles, headlines, comics, video games, and film titles.
  4. Inspired by Black Panther Aesthetic: The font captures the essence and style of the Black Panther movie, adding a cinematic touch to your projects.
  5. Eye-Catching Design: The compact and powerful design ensures that your typography leaves a lasting impression.

Usage and Application

Panthera, a multipurpose typeface with a strong and elegant style, is also referred to as the Black Panther Font. Because of its unique qualities, it may be used in a variety of creative contexts. The following are a few typical uses and applications:

  1. Movie-Related Designs: Panthera gained fame for its association with the Black Panther movie logo. Designers and fans can use it to create artwork, posters, and promotional materials related to the film.
  2. Fan Art: Enthusiasts of the Black Panther franchise can employ Panthera to craft fan art, showcasing their creativity and love for the iconic superhero.
  3. Posters and Titles: The font’s bold and dynamic style makes it ideal for designing eye-catching posters and titles, adding a cinematic flair to promotional materials. for banner design its combination with Calibre Font is outstanding.
  4. Comics and Graphic Novels: Panthera’s robust and angular characters make it suitable for use in comics and graphic novels, contributing to a visually striking storytelling experience.
  5. Video Games: Designers working on video game graphics, especially those with a superhero theme or action-packed storyline, can utilize Panthera to enhance the visual appeal of in-game text and titles.
  6. Personal Projects: The freeware license allows individuals to use Panthera for personal projects, such as creative writing, DIY design, and other non-commercial endeavors.


The Black Panther Font, originally known as Decotura, shot to prominence after featuring prominently in the 2018 mega-hit motion picture “Black Panther.” The Panthera typeface, crafted by Gene Buban, is a bold and angular font that was ingeniously created by Image Club in 2005. Renowned for its robust and graceful appearance, it garners extensive usage in titles for video games, movies, and comic books. Panthera still maintains its popularity as a formidable choice for striking and cutting-edge typography. It comes in a single regular style with uppercase and small capitals. Exclusively for personal use, free downloads of the typeface underline its enduring significance in the design world, particularly within the context of film-related and artistic undertakings.


Is the Black Panther Font free to use for commercial projects?

Yes, the Black Panther Font, also known as Panthera, is available for free download for personal use. However, for commercial projects, a license must be obtained.

Who is the designer of the Black Panther Font?

The Black Panther Font, known as Panthera, was meticulously crafted by designer Gene Buban. The font draws inspiration from the iconic logo featured in the “Black Panther” movie.

What type of font is Black Panther Font?

The sans-serif Black Panther Font became well-known after it appeared in the logo for the 2018 blockbuster movie “Black Panther.”

In what projects can I use the Black Panther Font?

The Black Panther Font’s aggressive and adaptable style makes it ideal for a wide range of creative tasks, including comic books, video games, movie titles, and movie-related graphics. However, usage—especially for commercial purposes—may need adherence to license requirements.

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