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Coachella, the celebrated music and arts festival in California’s Coachella Valley, features a bespoke font in its logo, though a comparable free-spirited font, ChellaType by Jimmy Lesondak, serves as a replica. Perfect for conveying Coachella’s vibrant atmosphere, ChellaType is a whimsical handwritten font available for free download. Coachella, renowned for diverse music genres and artistic installations, is the largest and most profitable U.S. music festival, held annually in Indio, California. Since 1999, Coachella has dominated April festivals, winning the Top Festival Award seven times. The festival’s captivating logo and posters use the unique “Chella Type” font, contributing to its iconic identity.

Basic Info of Coachella Font

Font NameChellaType
DesignerJimmy Lesondak
LicenseFree for commercial use
File FormatTTF (TrueType Font)
Size16 KB
FestivalCoachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (Coachella)
Festival LocationIndio, California, USA
Festival GenreRock, Pop, Indie, Hip Hop, Electronic Dance Music
Festival Awards7 Top Festival Awards

Coachella Font and Logo

What Font is Used by Coachella?

The “Chella Type” font is used on a Coachella poster.

This distinctive typeface was created particularly for Coachella to give your designs a polished appearance.

Coachella Overview:

Nestled in California’s Coachella Valley, Coachella stands as a premier annual music and arts festival, boasting global popularity since its launch in 1999. Renowned for its massive scale, the festival has garnered acclaim, making it a key player in the international events scene.

Coachella is known for its famous posters that employ the Chella-type design, a unique font that has come to represent the festival’s colorful vibe. This typeface, well-known for its imaginative and carefree feel, has left its imprint on a variety of artistic endeavors, such as logos and movie posters, perfectly capturing the spirit and goals of the festival. With its distinctive typeface, Coachella’s impact is seen in the creative industry even outside of its music program.

Coachella Font Free Download

If you wanna download this unique font for free, please see the download button above in the description and click it to start the process of downloading, THANK yOU

Alternatives to Coachella Font

  1. Sofia Pro
  2. Futura PT
  3. Helvetica Neue
  4. Gotham
  5. Avenir
  6. Proxima Nova
  7. Montserrat
  8. Raleway
  9. Lato
  10. Roboto

Usage and Applications of ChellaType Font

  • Coachella Visuals: ChellaType is integral to Coachella’s promotional materials, defining the festival’s visual identity across posters, banners, and campaigns.
  • Digital Design: Ideal for websites and digital assets related to Coachella, creating visually appealing banners, graphics, and logos.
  • Merchandise Style: Adds a distinctive touch to Coachella merchandise, resonating with the festival’s whimsical vibe on apparel.
  • Event Invitations: Used in designing invitations and tickets for Coachella-related events, creating a recognizable theme.
  • Creative Projects: Suited for various artistic endeavors, including art installations, reflecting Coachella’s vibrant essence.
  • Social Media Graphics: Well-suited for engaging social media posts, maintaining a consistent visual presence for Coachella.
  • Collaborative Design: For collaborative projects related to music, arts, or festivals, aligning with Coachella’s distinct style.
  • Educational and Cultural Events: Extends to educational and cultural events associated with Coachella, fostering unity and recognition.


In summary, Coachella Font is an integral part of the iconic Coachella music and arts festival’s visual identity. ChellaType, a unique font, perfectly captures the colorful and carefree vibe of the event. ChellaType, a font designed by Jimmy Lesondak, is evocative of creativity and artistic expression and is modeled by the official Coachella logo.

Held in the Coachella Valley of California each year, the festival has gained international acclaim and success, and as such, its distinctive typeface has come to represent the goals and principles of the occasion. The Coachella typeface, which captures the essence of one of the biggest and most renowned music festivals in the world, is still popular for use in a variety of creative projects, including posters and logos.

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What font is used in the Coachella logo and posters?

The font used in the Coachella logo and posters is a custom-made font known as ChellaType, created by font author Jimmy Lesondak. It reflects the festival’s whimsical and free-spirited atmosphere.

Can I use the ChellaType font for commercial projects?

Yes, ChellaType is a free font available for commercial use. You can use it in various projects without any licensing restrictions.

Is there an alternative to the ChellaType font?

Yes, if you’re looking for alternatives, you can explore fonts like Conspiracy, Hero, Ethnocentric, Tamira, Star Black Inline, Cocogoose, Carnot, and Lowercase.

How has the Coachella font contributed to the festival’s visual identity?

The Coachella font, particularly ChellaType, has become synonymous with the festival’s creative vision. It is prominently featured on posters, logos, and various marketing materials, embodying the spirit and values of the Coachella music and Arts Festival.

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