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Connections Font is a clean, soft, and ultra-modern sans-serif typeface designed by Jasper Brik in 1995. This font family includes three weights—Regular, Medium, and Bold—each contributing to its sophisticated and stylish appeal. The unique strokes and additional effects infused into its letters set Connections Font apart, making it a classic choice in the sans-serif category. With recognition in Adobe Fonts and its association with Bank of America, This Font has gained popularity for its versatility. It features TrueType capabilities, 195 unique glyphs, and 206 characters, making it suitable for various design projects, particularly technical documents. This font is available for free download for personal use.

Basic Info of Connections Font

Font NameConnections Font
DesignerJasper Brik
Release Year1995
Font WeightsRegular, Medium, Bold
Typeface ClassificationSans Serif
FeaturesTrueType, 195 Glyphs, 206 Characters
RecognitionFeatured in Adobe Fonts, Bank of America Font
LicenseFree for Personal Use

Why I Use Connections Font?

Regarding its use, there’s a long list of designs where you should use this typeface to increase the adaptability of your designs. The best font for headlines and titles, essays, content, articles, post descriptions, presentations, quotes, resumes, store or shop names, short and long paragraphs, invoices, general reports, daily records, and many other related things will be this one because it offers special effects for the texts.

The following list of designs includes logos, promotional projects, business cards, invitation cards, websites, apps, advertisements, social media posts, book covers, homeware designs, templates, brochure layouts, signage, labels, product packaging, and branding projects that you can use without any hesitation.

Connections Font Family

  • Connections Regular
  • Connections Medium
  • Connections Bold

Similar Fonts to Connections Font:

  1. Table Gothic Font
  2. Montserrat
  3. Led Zeppelin Font
  4. Raleway
  5. Source Sans Pro
  6. Open Sans
  7. Lato
  8. Roboto
  9. Avenir Next
  10. Helvetica Neue
  11. Proxima Nova

Details about Connections Font’s license:

It is strongly advised to purchase a license in order to use This Font for promotional and commercial purposes. However, neither a license nor a registration are necessary for private or non-official enterprises.

Connections Font Free Download:

You may use Connections Font’s free version for all of your own projects. You may add the typeface to your computer and download it for non-commercial usage by clicking the button above. You must obtain permission from the font creator if you want to use the typeface for commercial reasons.

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What type of font is Connections?

Connections, a remarkable soft sans-serif typeface, caters to the needs of modern design. It comes in three weights: Regular, Bold, and Medium. The font is skillfully crafted by the designer, Mr. Jasper Brik.

What is the best alternative font to Connections?

Alternatives to Connections include fonts like Merriweather Sans Light, Varta, Source Sans Pro, PF Centro Sans Pro Regular, Kceler A, Acorde Regular, Weidemann, and FF Strada STD Light.

Can I use Connections for my Logo design?

Connections Font lends itself well to stunning logo designs, especially due to its premium text effects. It’s sure to grab the attention of viewers.

Who designed Connections Font?

Connections Font, designed by the renowned graphic designer Jasper Brik in 1995, epitomizes his proficiency in graphic design.

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