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The Crow Font, designed by Burhan Afif, is a unique customized serif font that comes in eight eye-catching styles: normal, grunge, inline, inline grunge, shadow, shadow grunge, inline shadow, and inline shadow grunge. For all of your creative tasks, this typeface with a vintage feel is adaptable. It can be used for non-commercial, personal purposes and was originally released on August 30, 2020. You may obtain a commercial license by going to This alluring and fashionable typeface will inspire you to express your ideas.”

History of Crow Font

A 1994 movie titled The Crow is based on James O’Barr’s comic book The Crow. Storyline: On Halloween Eve, musician Eric and his fiancĂ©e are killed, and Eric uses magic power to resurrect himself from the dead. The poster’s movie title typeface, reminiscent of utopiafonts’ Mael, is utilized for branding. The typeface may be downloaded for free here, and it is free to use.

Crow font free download

To download Crow font free, please hit the download button above in the description, but remember that you can only use it for personal purposes. thank you

Similar to Crow Font

Let’s say you’re searching for fonts that resemble “Crow Font,” which is a bespoke serif font with grunge and shadow variants that has a retro or vintage feel. If so, you may want to look at the following fonts, which have comparable qualities:

  1. Gothic A1: A modern serif font that combines classic and contemporary elements. It offers a stylish and versatile look.
  2. Bodoni: A timeless serif font known for its elegance and high contrast between thick and thin strokes.
  3. Didot: Another classic serif font, known for its high contrast and fashionable appearance.
  4. Clarendon: A slab serif font with a vintage aesthetic that can be used to achieve a retro look.
  5. Rockwell: A bold slab serif font with a strong, impactful presence, perfect for headings and logos.
  6. Baskerville: A classic and elegant serif font with a rich history, offering a refined and timeless style.
  7. Cinzel: A modern serif font inspired by classic typefaces, combining readability with a touch of vintage charm.
  8. Butler: A contemporary serif font family with multiple styles, including regular and shadowed versions.

We end our discussion on fonts in branding with the ‘Red Bull Font & Logo for insights into iconic branding choices. Discover our resource for downloading the ‘Bonita Font,’ a handmade masterpiece that adds a unique touch to any project.


What is Crow Font?

  • Crow Font is a custom serif typeface created by designer Burhan Afif. It offers a retro or vintage style and comes in eight different variations, including regular, grunge, inline, inline grunge, shadow, shadow grunge, inline shadow, and inline shadow grunge.

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