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Esther Font is a classy, stylish, Elegant handmade Serif typeface designed by Italian Font designer and music producer Valerio Dell’Edera, and published by Hederae Type Foundry on January 18th, 2016. This elegant serif font combines calligraphic influences with contemporary styling, making it ideal for cookbooks, menus, labels, invitations, and more. Free for personal use, with the option to purchase the full version and commercial license. Unlock endless design possibilities with 255 ligatures and alternates. The Type Designer has also created an Uppercase-Liga product line, which includes fonts like Zenzero Grotesk and Zenzero Grotesk Sans.

Basic Info of Esther Font

Font NameEsther Font
DesignerValerio Dell’Edera
Release DateJanuary 18, 2016
LicenseFree for Personal Use only
Commercial LicenseAvailable on
CharacteristicsClassy, Handmade, Elegant, Serif
Special Features255 Ligatures & Alternates
Recommended UsesCookbooks, Menus, Labels, Invitations, Greeting Cards, Food Packaging, Wedding-Related Designs, Small Shops, Food Blogs, Cupcake Bakeries
Language SupportA À Á Â Ã Ä Å C Ç D Ð E È É Ê Ë I Ì Í Î Ï N Ñ O Ø Ò Ó Ô Õ Ö U Ù Ü Ú Û W Ẃ Ŵ ẄẀ Y Ý Ÿ Ỳ Ÿ Æ Œ ß Þ þ (Both Uppercase and Lowercase)

Esther Font Preview

Character Map of Esther Font

here are the some preview images of esther font

Alternatives of Esther Font

If you’re looking for alternatives to the “Esther Font,” consider these serif fonts with similar characteristics and styles:

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Cormorant: Font A versatile serif font family with various styles, including classic, italic, and decorative options.

Playfair Display Font: A stylish, high-contrast serif font that brings a touch of luxury to your designs.

Merriweather Font: A readable and elegant serif font suitable for various projects, from print to web.

Libre Baskerville Font: A web-optimized version of the classic Baskerville typeface with a timeless, sophisticated look.

Lora Font: A contemporary serif font designed for on-screen reading, which also works well in print.

Quattrocento Font: A serif font with a strong, calligraphic influence, making it ideal for creative projects.

Cardo Font: A beautiful and readable serif font designed for scholarly publications, but versatile for other applications.

Esther Font Free Download

If you want to download Esther font for free of cost, please click on the download button located above in the description, please keep in mind that you can use this font for free only for your personal use.

Esther Font Generator

Create a text effect Esther with our online custom font generator.


The Esther Font is evidence of the flawless blending of modern design elements with calligraphic inspirations. For designers, Valerio Dell’Edera’s invention has opened up a world of creative possibilities. With 255 ligatures and alternatives, you may use it to make eye-catching and distinctive typographic designs.

From wedding invitations to cookbooks, Esther Font enhances the visual impact of several projects. Designers can depend on this typeface to leave a lasting impression because of its classic beauty and charming hand-drawn style. Consequently, you should consider using Esther Font to add a dash of elegance and flair to your typography, whether you’re a professional designer working on a high-end client project or an enthusiast preparing a personal event.

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1. What is Esther Font?

  • Esther Font is an elegant serif typeface designed by Italian Font designer and music producer Valerio Dell’Edera. It is known for its classy and timeless appearance.

2. When was Esther Font released?

  • Esther Font was released on January 18, 2016.

3. Who is the designer of Esther Font?

  • Esther Font was designed by Valerio Dell’Edera, an Italian type designer and musician.

4. What type of font is Esther Font?

  • Esther Font is a serif font. It combines calligraphic influences with a contemporary and elegant style.

5. What are the special features of Esther Font?

  • Esther Font offers 255 ligatures and alternates, making it a versatile choice for creating unique and stylish typographic compositions.

6. What are the recommended uses for Esther Font?

  • Esther Font is ideal for a wide range of design projects, including cookbooks, menus, labels, invitations, greeting cards, food packaging, wedding-related designs, small shops, food blogs, and cupcake bakeries.

7. Is Esther Font free to use?

  • Yes, Esther Font is available for free for personal use.

8. How can I obtain a commercial license for Esther Font?

  • You can purchase the full version and a commercial license for Esther Font by following the provided link. This allows you to use the font in commercial projects.

9. Does Esther Font have language support?

  • Yes, Esther Font offers comprehensive language support, accommodating a wide range of characters in both uppercase and lowercase.

10. Can I use Esther Font with professional design software?

  • Yes, you can use Esther Font with professional design software like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, or Inkscape, especially for utilizing stylistic alternates and special features.

11. Are there variations or font families related to Esther Font?

  • While the provided information does not mention specific font variations or a font family related to Esther Font, it’s possible that there are other fonts created by Valerio Dell’Edera that share similar design principles.

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