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Introducing Ford Font – a free, classy script font inspired by the iconic Ford logo. Reflecting the timeless design of the “Centennial Blue Oval” introduced in 2003, this TTF font mirrors the sophisticated handwriting style used in the word “Ford.” Founded in 1903 by Henry Ford, the company’s enduring logo, consistent in shape and color, is a symbol of automotive excellence. Perfect for personal use, FordScript adds an elegant touch to branding projects, websites, logos, and more. Download now and enjoy the essence of Ford’s legacy in this calligraphy-inspired typeface – a tribute to over a century of automotive innovation and style.

Incorporate the recognizable and iconic Ford look with FordScript, a traditional handwritten typeface. This script font, which elegantly captures the soul of the business, is suitable for professional projects. It adds elegance to book covers, advertising campaigns, and logos. Get it for free and add Ford’s history to your projects.

Basic Info of Ford Font

Font NameFord Font
Font TypeScript, Handwritten
LicensePersonal Use Only
FormatTTF (TrueType Font)
Total Files1
DesignerChilde Harold Wills
Released in2003 (Centennial Blue Oval)
Founding Year1903
FounderHenry Ford
Emblem RecognitionIconic Blue Oval, Consistent Shape & Typography
LegacyClassic, Sophisticated, Timeless
Ideal UsageLogos, Branding, Websites, Book Covers

Reason to Use Ford Font

The use of this crisp script typeface, which has a clear, clean texture, will undoubtedly set your creations apart and propel them to the next level.

This typeface may be used to create shapes for banners, game and movie posters, book covers, magazines, and newspaper headlines when combined with the chopin script font style.

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Ford Logo History

Character Map

Usage and Applications

The Ford typeface is a classic that works well in a variety of settings. This typeface is ideal for branding, enhancing the visual appeal of promotional materials and logos while guaranteeing a timeless and identifiable identity. This typeface gives posters and advertisements in graphic design projects a classic, distinctive look.

The Ford typeface adds a unique beauty to headers and titles, elevating site design. The typeface’s elegance is carried over into journalistic layouts and book covers. The Ford typeface adds sophistication to do-it-yourself projects and conveys flair in invites. Specifically designed for logos, it offers a timeless and enduring brand identity. By applying this typeface to various visual elements, such as business presentations or stylish retail branding, a classic and elegant touch is added.

License Info

This font is free from all types of restrictions so feel free to use this font in your personal and commercial designs without any hesitation.

Ford Font Free Download

The simple way to get this font in your system is to click the button that is shared above in description.

Languages Supported:

The Ford typeface is made to be versatile and accessible for users worldwide, supporting a large number of languages. When writing in English, Spanish, French, German, or any other language, the Ford typeface offers a dependable and consistent typographic experience. Because of its broad language support, which meets a range of communication demands, it may be used for a variety of international design projects. For a thorough list of supported languages, consult the font documentation to guarantee a smooth integration into your multilingual design projects. Savor the Ford font’s adaptability and inclusion in a variety of language expressions.


What Font Is the Ford Logo?

The Font used in the original logo of the Ford car company is known as Centennial Blue Oval.

Can I Use This for My Logo?

Since this is a logo-based typeface, it is suitable for use in all types of graphic design projects.

What’s the Closest Font to Ford?

The Steinweiss Script font closely resembles the Ford font.

What Type of Font Is Ford?

Ford is a script typeface designed by Childe Harold Wills, and it is available for free use.

Is Ford Font Suitable for Commercial Projects?

Yes, Ford font is free from restrictions, making it suitable for both personal and commercial design endeavors.

Where Can I Download Ford Font?

You can easily download the Ford font by clicking on the provided link or button on the official website or designated platform.

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