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Gotham Narrow Font is a sleek and modern sans-serif typeface renowned for its versatility and style. Developed by Tobias Frere-Jones and Jesse Ragan in 2000 as part of the esteemed Gotham Font family, it features a condensed alphabet and narrow lines, making it ideal for both small and large display screens. With clean lines and geometric shapes, Gotham Narrow exudes a contemporary aesthetic, perfect for conveying sophistication and modernity in various design projects. Available in a range of 32 styles, including bold, thin, italic, light, black, medium, and ultra weights, it offers flexibility for diverse design needs. Whether for web design, print media, charts, digital apps, timetables, menus, or reports, the Font adapts effortlessly to different contexts.

It offers designers flexibility and convenience of usage, and is bolstered by OpenType features like style sets and alternatives. Get Gotham Narrow Font right now to add a sleek, legible, and clean look to your creations.

Basic INFO of Gotham Narrow Font

NameGotham Narrow Font
DesignerTobias Frere-Jones
FoundryNew York foundry
File FormatOTF
Date Released2000
LicenseOpen Font License
TypeDisplay, Web Font
Total Downloads106,213
ZIP File Size83.7 KB
FamilyGotham Narrow
PostScript NameGothamNarrow-Book

Use Cases

Gotham Narrow Font’s sleek and contemporary style makes it suitable for a wide range of creative projects. This typeface, which is widely used for both print and digital media, is especially well-suited for producing sophisticated wedding invites because of its simple lines and compact design, which elevate the text arrangement. Likewise, in greeting cards, The Font gives the words a modern twist that makes them readable and aesthetically pleasing.

The typeface is a great option for eye-catching poster designs because of its thin style, which makes it ideal for presenting information or advertising events on posters while maximizing available area. Furthermore, Discussing Font is widely used in logo designs, where its balanced proportions and contemporary style aid in creating distinctive business identities with a polished edge. Designers choose this font for a variety of creative projects due to its timeless appeal and adaptability, whether it is utilized in print or digital media.

Gotham Narrow Font Family

The Gotham Narrow Font Family is appropriate for a variety of design purposes since it comes in a wide range of styles. Designers have many of alternatives to pick from to meet the demands of their projects, with 32 different styles accessible, ranging from bold to thin. There is freedom in design options with this font family’s seven weights: bold, thin, italic, light, black, medium, and ultra. The Font Family offers solutions to meet various design needs, whether you’re going for a strong look or a more understated one. Every style in the family keeps the narrow design feature, so it is consistent across various weights and styles.

Whether used for web design, digital applications, charts, menus, or reports, the Font Family offers a cohesive and professional appearance across different platforms and mediums. With its extensive range of styles and weights, this font family provides designers with the versatility and flexibility needed to create visually appealing and cohesive design projects.

Alternatives to Gotham Narrow Font:

  1. Proxima Nova
  2. Avenir Next
  3. Roboto Condensed
  4. Montserrat
  5. Lato
  6. Open Sans Condensed
  7. Source Sans Pro
  8. Raleway
  9. PT Sans Narrow
  10. Nimbus Sans L
  11. Gilroy
  12. Circular Std Font
  13. Century Gothic Bold
  14. Calibre Font

Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for effectively using Gotham Narrow Font:

  1. Pairing with Complementary Fonts: Gotham Narrow pairs well with a variety of serif (like Honda Font) and script (Mustang Font) and display fonts such as League of Legends Font and Obelix Pro Font for contrast. Consider pairing it with fonts like Georgia, Playfair Display, or Libre Baskerville for an elegant look, or with modern sans-serifs like Montserrat or Open Sans for a more contemporary feel.
  2. Using for Specific Design Projects: Gotham Narrow is versatile and suitable for various design projects such as website headers, posters, banners, logos, and branding materials. Its condensed form makes it especially useful for designs with limited space or where a sleek, modern look is desired.
  3. Choosing the Right Size: When using Gotham Narrow, consider the size of the text and the context in which it will be viewed. For body text or smaller sizes, opt for lighter weights to maintain readability. For headers or larger text, bold weights can create emphasis and visual impact.
  4. Selecting Appropriate Colors: Gotham Narrow looks great in both light and dark color schemes. Consider using contrasting colors to make the text stand out, or choose colors that complement your overall design palette for a cohesive look.
  5. Maintaining Consistency: Use Gotham Narrow consistently throughout your design to create a cohesive and professional appearance. Stick to a limited number of font weights and styles to avoid visual clutter.
  6. Experimenting with Stylistic Sets: Take advantage of Gotham Narrow’s OpenType features, such as stylistic sets, to add variety and interest to your typography. Experiment with alternate characters and ligatures to find unique combinations that enhance your design.
  7. Testing Across Devices: Ensure that your chosen font renders well across different devices and screen sizes. Test your design on various devices to ensure readability and legibility, especially for web and digital projects.

Supported Languages

Gotham Narrow Font supports a wide range of languages, making it suitable for diverse design projects and global audiences. Some of the supported languages include:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Italian
  6. Portuguese
  7. Dutch
  8. Swedish
  9. Norwegian
  10. Danish
  11. Finnish
  12. Russian
  13. Arabic
  14. Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)
  15. Japanese
  16. Korean
  17. Greek
  18. Hebrew
  19. Turkish
  20. Vietnamese


What is Gotham Narrow Font?

Gotham Narrow Font is a condensed version of the popular Gotham Font family, featuring narrower letterforms and increased spacing between characters. It maintains the same modern and geometric aesthetic as the original Gotham typeface but is optimized for situations where space is limited or a more compact design is desired.

What styles are available in the Gotham Narrow Font family?

The Gotham Narrow Font family offers a variety of styles, including Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold Italic, Light, Light Italic, Medium, and Medium Italic. These styles provide flexibility for different design applications and typographic needs.

Can Gotham Narrow Font be used for commercial projects?

Yes, Gotham Narrow Font can be used for both personal and commercial projects. However, it’s essential to review the font’s license agreement to ensure compliance with usage rights and any potential restrictions.

Is Gotham Narrow Font suitable for web design?

Yes, Gotham Narrow Font is well-suited for web design projects, thanks to its clean and legible letterforms. Designers can use it for headlines, body text, navigation menus, and other web elements to create a cohesive and modern look for their websites.

How can I obtain Gotham Narrow Font?

You can download Gotham Narrow Font on our website, please visit the above description and locate the download button, click it and the process will be start.

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