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The font used in the Hello Kitty logo is a custom typeface called Janda Happy Day, crafted by Kimberly Geswein and published by Miller Type Foundry. Known for its delightful and legible style, this font mirrors the adorable appeal of Hello Kitty, making it perfect for stationary, children’s accessories, and playful designs.

Designed in 1974 by Yuko Shimizu, a Japanese designer for Sanrio, Hello Kitty quickly gained popularity as a representation of sweetness and kindness. The character’s appeal skyrocketed, and he now appears on a wide range of toys and other items worldwide. Like Janda Happy Day, the Hello Kitty typeface captures the fun spirit of the well-loved mascot. This adorable typeface, which has a handwritten look evocative of the Hello Kitty logo, is available for free personal use.

Basic Info Table for Hello Kitty Font

Font NameJanda Happy Day
DesignerKimberly Geswein
Foundry Miller Type Foundry
File FormatOTF, TTF
Date Released2012
LicenseFree for Personal Use
FeaturesUppercase, Lowercase, Special Characters
InspirationHello Kitty Character Logo

What is the Hello Kitty font?

The font used utilized in the Hello Kitty brand’s logo is referred to as the Hello Kitty font. The two words “Hello” and “Kitty” in a script typeface make up the most recent logo. Over the years, the logo has seen several changes, yet it has always remained classy and straightforward in appearance.

Numerous typefaces have a resemblance to or are influenced by the Hello Kitty font. If you enjoy the Hello Kitty logo design, you may utilize these font samples for your projects:

Curly Luly Font

The Hello Kitty Font is comparable to Curly Luly by FontHaus. The letters of this script font are wacky and curly. 2011 saw the initial release of Laura Worthington’s creation. This typeface is appropriate for labels, headlines, and logos that require a whimsical and adorable touch.

Countryhouse font

Another typeface that resembles Hello Kitty is Countryhouse. This typeface is basic and elegant, with a feel reminiscent of a marker. It was made by Crafty Little Nodes and includes ligatures, numerals, symbols, punctuation, and both capital and lowercase letters. There are two versions available: regular and outline.

Veronica Script Font

Hello Kitty is very reminiscent to Miller Type Foundry’s Veronica Script typeface. This typeface has flourishes and swashes in a beautiful, handwritten manner. Along with numerals, punctuation, symbols, ligatures, and stylistic variants, it also has capital and lowercase characters.

Odin Rounded – Bold Font

Another typeface that resembles Hello Kitty is the Odin Rounded typeface, created by Frank Hemmekam. This typeface features rounded corners and clean, geometric lines.

Janda Happy Day Font

The source of the Janda Happy Day Font is Kimberly Geswein’s banner for her Hello Kitty designs. This typeface looks adorable and readable, making it perfect for kids’ backpacks and stationery. It has certain symbols, numerals, punctuation, and both capital and lowercase characters.

Boldins Font

Hugefonts’ Boldins Font is another font that has a Hello Kitty-like appearance. This typeface features rounded corners and curves for a strong and lively appearance. It also supports several languages and includes numbers, symbols, punctuation, and both capital and lowercase characters.

Hello Kitty Font Generator

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  • Stationery: Ideal for creating cute and themed stationery designs.
  • Children’s Bags and Accessories: Perfect for branding or designing accessories for kids.
  • Personal Projects: Suitable for personal crafts, artwork, or designs with a playful theme.
  • Hello Kitty Fan Merchandise: Great for creating merchandise or products inspired by Hello Kitty.


  • Art and Crafts: Use in scrapbooking, card-making, or other DIY projects.
  • Merchandise Design: Create themed products such as t-shirts, mugs, or phone cases.
  • Children’s Publications: Suitable for children’s books, posters, or educational materials.
  • Themed Events: Use for invitations, banners, or decorations for themed parties or events celebrating Hello Kitty.


The adorable typeface Hello Kitty perfectly captures the whimsical and endearing qualities of the well-known mascot. Its whimsical look makes it ideal for stationery, kid’s items, DIY projects, and products with a theme. Because of its adaptability, Hello Kitty’s happy spirit may be added to a variety of creative undertakings.

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What font is used in the Hello Kitty logo?

The font used in the Hello Kitty logo is a custom typeface called Janda Happy Day, designed by Kimberly Geswein. It embodies the playful and cute essence associated with Hello Kitty.

Is the Hello Kitty font available for free?

Yes, the Hello Kitty font is available for free for personal use. Users can download it to add a touch of Hello Kitty’s charm to their personal projects.

Who created Hello Kitty, and when was it introduced?

Hello Kitty was created by Yuko Shimizu in 1974 for the Japanese company Sanrio. The character gained immense popularity shortly after its launch and has since become an iconic figure across various merchandise and media.

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