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Discover the Hollywood Sign Font, a free typeface by ShyFoundry Fonts inspired by the iconic Hollywood Sign. With 79 glyphs and 100 characters across eight variations, this fancy and distorted font captures the allure of Hollywood’s glamour. Originally erected in 1923, the Hollywood Sign stands as a symbol of the entertainment industry’s prestige. Now, designers can infuse their projects with a touch of Hollywood magic using this font, available for personal use. Unlock the timeless charm of Hollywood and its illustrious past with the Hollywood Hills Font—your gateway to the iconic lettering that has defined a global cultural landmark for decades.

A typeface called Hollywood Sign Font, sometimes known as Hollywood Hills Font, was created to resemble the unique letters found on the Hollywood Sign. It is a creative tool that designers may use to honor the cultural significance of the famous Hollywood Sign while incorporating the distinctive Hollywood look into their work.

Basic Info of Hollywood Sign Font

Font NameHollywood Hills
DeveloperShyFoundry Fonts
CategoryFancy > Distorted, Sans-Serif
Glyphs79 glyphs / 100 characters
License TypeFree for personal use
Variations8 variations
InspirationHollywood Sign
OriginHollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California
RecognitionIconic landmark of the entertainment industry

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Usage and Applications

Inspired by the famous Hollywood Sign, the Hollywood Hills Font is suitable for a wide range of creative uses. Mostly intended for private usage, it adds a hint of Hollywood glitz to artistic endeavors. The following are some recommended uses and applications:

  1. Graphic Design: Ideal for posters, banners, and promotional materials, the Hollywood Hills Font adds a cinematic flair to graphic design projects.
  2. Social Media Graphics: Elevate your social media posts with this fancy and distinctive font, creating eye-catching captions and headlines.
  3. Event Invitations: Add a touch of Hollywood sophistication to event invitations, making them stand out with unique and stylish lettering.
  4. Website Design: Incorporate the Hollywood Hills Font into website headers, logos, or banners to infuse a sense of entertainment industry charm.
  5. Printed Materials: Use the font in magazines, brochures, or any printed materials to bring a Hollywood-inspired aesthetic to your content.
  6. Personal Branding: If you’re a content creator or influencer, consider using this font in your personal branding to convey a sense of creativity and entertainment.

Character Map

Similar Fonts to Hollywood Sign Font

  1. Hollywood Hills Pro
  2. Bebas Neue
  3. Lemon/Milk
  4. Great Vibes
  5. Ostrich Sans
  6. Steelers Font
  7. Pacifico


Is the Hollywood Hills Font free for commercial use?

No, the Hollywood Hills Font is free for personal use only. For commercial projects, it’s essential to check the font’s licensing terms and consider obtaining a commercial license if required.

How many variations are included in the Hollywood Hills Font family?

The Hollywood Hills Font family consists of 8 variations, providing designers with a range of stylistic choices to suit different creative projects.

What inspired the creation of the Hollywood Hills Font?

The Hollywood Hills Font is inspired by the distinctive lettering of the iconic Hollywood Sign, a cultural landmark overlooking Los Angeles. The font captures the glamour and allure associated with Hollywood.

Are there any similar fonts available for commercial use?

While the Hollywood Hills Font is free for personal use, users seeking commercial options may explore similar fonts with extended licenses or commercial versions, such as Hollywood Hills Pro or alternative decorative fonts.

Does the Hollywood Hills Font support multiple languages?

The language support of the Hollywood Hills Font may be limited to English, given its decorative nature. Users requiring specific language support should check the font’s glyph set and documentation for details on supported characters.

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