How to add custom fonts to capcut

How to Add Fonts to CapCut

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A well-known mobile video editing program is CapCut, currently called VITA. It was created by Bytedance, the same business that created TikTok. Users may edit videos, add music, utilize filters and effects, and produce interesting content for social media sites like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube with CapCut/VITA.

One of its notable features is its ability to import custom typefaces, which may improve the visual appeal of your movies and add a touch of originality and creativity to your projects. In this article, we will walk you through successfully importing custom fonts in CapCut on Android and PC.

Some of the key Features of CapCut

  1. Video editing features include the ability to cut, divide, and merge video clips, as well as change the pace of playback, create transitions, and more.
  2. The software offers a library of music tracks and sound effects that users can use in their films.
  3. CapCut/VITA provides a range of filters and effects to improve the aesthetic appeal of videos.
  4. Text Overlays and Stickers: Users may use text overlays and stickers to add messages or more interesting material to their films.
  5. Montage Templates: You may make elegant and engaging films using the app’s pre-made montage templates.
  6. Once the video has been altered, users may export it in different resolutions and post it straight from the app on social networking sites.

Adding Custom Fonts on the CapCut App on Android

To add customs font to capcut, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Download the Font

Downloading your chosen font is the first step to importing custom fonts into CapCut. Numerous websites, including font libraries and graphic design tools, provide font downloads. The download will begin when you click on the desired font after finding it. You must extract the font file, which is normally provided in zip format, in order to access the font files.

Step 2: Extract the Font Files

It’s time to extract the contents from the zip bundle once you download the font. Simply open the zip file and drag the font files to a new folder, or click on the zip file to extract it into a new folder. You must keep track of the file format of the font you have downloaded because the majority of fonts come in either.ttf or. otf format.

Step 3: Open CapCut and import the font.

It’s time to launch CapCut and import the font now that the font files have been extracted and are ready for usage. To achieve this, first choose “Add Text” from the drop-down menu under the “Text” heading in the main menu. Next, click “style”; a plus sign (“+”) will appear. To access the menu for importing fonts, click this button.

Step 4: Locate the Font Files

Select the font file you wish to use by navigating to the location where you extracted the font files. To import a font file into CapCut, simply click on it or the “Import” button when the font file is chosen. You may now utilize the font to add personalized text to your films since it will be accessible in the font menu.

Use the custom font in Step 5

It’s time to start utilizing the custom font in your projects now that it has been imported into CapCut. Simply apply the custom font to your text by choosing it from the font menu. Additionally, you may change the font’s size, style, and color to better suit your artistic vision.

Adding Custom Fonts on the CapCut App on PC

To enhance the originality and creativeness of your videos, apply custom fonts to CapCut on your PC. Applying a unique typeface in your films is simple thanks to CapCut’s user-friendly UI. This guide will show you how to create a unique typeface to CapCut on your PC, regardless of whether you are using Windows or Mac.

Step 1: Download and install the font of your choice.

Downloading and installing the desired font is the first step in adding a custom font to CapCut on your PC. There are several places online that provide both free and premium typefaces. Popular websites include,, and

Download and install the font on your computer once you’ve located the one you wish to use.

Step 2: Open CapCut and Add Text Element

Open CapCut on your computer after installing the typeface of your choice. Either double-click the CapCut desktop icon to launch it, or look for it in the Windows Start menu or Mac Launchpad.

After opening CapCut, use the “Text” option to add new text to your movie. The “Text” button may be found in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Select Your Custom Font

After that, select “Font” from the “Text” tab’s drop-down menu. Go to the dropdown menu and choose “System.” All of the fonts that are installed on your computer will be shown.

Scroll down until you see the custom font you downloaded and set up previously in the “dropdown menu” window. When you’ve located the font, click it to choose it.

I’m done now! Now that CapCut is installed on your PC, you may use your own font. By entering your desired text and choosing the font from the “Font” dropdown menu, you may utilize the font in your text elements.

Add Fonts for Outstanding Text Results

Users can add typefaces from other sources with CapCut’s import feature. One of the greatest methods to create outstanding content is to learn how to apply fonts on CapCut.

Have you tried using any of the aforementioned devices to add typeface to CapCut? How did things turn out? Please feel free to share with us in the box below for comments.


You can easily make your videos look better by using your own fonts in CapCut on your PC or Android. Just follow the simple steps we’ve explained in this guide to download, install, and use your custom fonts in CapCut on your PC. Try out different fonts to make your videos unique and impressive!

Enhance your CapCut projects with custom fonts

What is a Font?

How to Create a Custom Font?


How do I import and upload fonts in CapCut?

  1. Go to and download the fonts you want.
  2. Make sure the fonts are in .otf or .ttf format.
  3. Open the CapCut app on your device.
  4. Click on “New Project.”
  5. Choose a video and add it to your project.
  6. To upload your custom font to CapCut:

a. Click on the “Text” menu and select “Add Text.”
b. Click on the “Add Font” option.
c. Tap the [+] icon and choose “Upload File.”
d. Select the fonts you downloaded from your storage folder.
e. Pick one font and click “Done” or “Save.”

What font do people use on CapCut?

The NewYork typeface is the first one that I always reach for in CapCut since it is so refined and stylish. It has the ideal balance of thin, strong lines and curves, giving me an artistic feeling while still keeping elegance. This font may be fillers or a title font, in my opinion.

Can fonts be edited on CapCut?

Yes. On CapCut, there are several tools, and one of the most used is Font Editing. It enables the modification and addition of text, graphics, and images to the movies. A background can be chosen, animation, images, and objects applied, or shadows and reflections used.

Can I customize the size and style of my custom fonts in CapCut?

CapCut provides various text customization options, allowing you to adjust font size, color, alignment, and apply animation effects. This flexibility lets you match the font style to the theme and mood of your video.

Can I preview how my custom font will appear in my video before exporting it?

Absolutely, you can preview your video with the new custom font to ensure it fits well with your content. This way, you can make any necessary adjustments before exporting your video.

Does CapCut offer animation effects for custom fonts?

Yes, CapCut offers animation effects for text elements, including custom fonts.

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