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Lulo Clean Font is a captivating sans-serif typeface family crafted by renowned designer Ryan Martinson and published by Yellow Design Studio. Offering a versatile range of 10 styles, including One, One Bold, Two, Two Bold, and more, this font family brings a fresh, retro, and three-dimensional aesthetic to your designs. It is the refined version of the original textured Lulo font family, boasting a friendly demeanor and exceptional clarity. Available in both TrueType (TTF) and OpenType (OTF) formats, This Font supports a wide range of languages, including French and Italian. Its all-caps composition adds to its bold, eye-catching appeal, making it ideal for a variety of design projects, from posters and banners to cards and motion graphics.

The font’s stackable layers allow for endless creative possibilities, enabling users to experiment with different color combinations for unique effects. The Font pairs seamlessly with other typefaces, such as Georgia, to create high-quality, professional-looking designs.

Lulo Clean Font is free for personal use, however unless it’s the free Outline Bold version, users have to uninstall the font after trying it. For designers looking to add a dash of modern sophistication and vintage charm to their work, Lulo Clean Typeface is a great option because of its smoothness, elegance, and distinctive look.

Basic Info of Lulo Clean Font

NameLulo Clean Font
DesignerRyan Martinson
PublisherYellow Design Studio
File FormatOTF, TTF
LicenseFree For Personal Use
Styles10 styles including One, One Bold, Two, Two Bold, etc.
AvailabilityTrueType and OpenType features, compatible with Windows and MAC devices
Language SupportExtensive language support, including French, Italian, and more
Distressed VersionNon-distressed version of the original textured Lulo font family

Usage and Applications

Widely used in a variety of creative projects, Lulo Clean Font is a flexible typeface. With a hint of elegance, its clean and classic style makes it a great option for wedding invites. The Font is a great way to send warm greetings and messages on greeting cards since it exudes a welcoming and cheerful feeling. The three-dimensional aspect of this typeface makes any poster design pop with depth and visual intrigue, which is perfect for use in posters.

Furthermore, the distinctive and memorable appearance of Lulo Clean typeface makes firms stand out, making it a great choice for logos. This Font gives every design project a chic and sophisticated touch, whether it’s used for corporate logos, greeting cards, wedding stationery, or promotional posters.

Lulo Clean Font Family

  • Lulo Clean One
  • Lulo Clean One Bold
  • Lulo Clean Two
  • Lulo Clean Two Bold
  • Lulo Clean Three
  • Lulo Clean Three Bold
  • Lulo Clean Four
  • Lulo Clean Four Bold
  • Lulo Clean Outline
  • Lulo Clean Outline Bold

Alternatives of Lulo Clean Font

  1. Tepeno Sans Bold
  2. Memphis Bold
  3. Raleway Black
  4. Trueno ExtraBold
  5. Cassandra Regular
  6. Thirsty Script Rough Font
  7. Eveleth Font
  8. Roboto Black
  9. Montserrat ExtraBold
  10. Bebas Neue Bold
  11. Gotham Bold
  12. Helvetica Bold
  13. Proxima Nova Bold
  14. Cosmic Font

Tips and Tricks

  1. Pairing with Other Fonts: Lulo Clean Font pairs well with serif fonts like Georgia or slab serif fonts like Roboto Slab or Luminari Font for a balanced and professional look. For a more modern aesthetic, consider pairing it with sans-serif fonts such as Montserrat, Steam Font or Proxima Nova. Experiment with different combinations to find the right balance of style and readability for your design. this font also can combine with script fonts like Braves Font and Snell Roundhand Font.
  2. Using for Specific Design Projects: This Font is versatile and can be used for a wide range of design projects, including branding, posters, packaging, and website headers. Its clean lines and retro vibe make it particularly suitable for vintage-inspired designs, while its bold presence makes it great for attention-grabbing headlines and logos.
  3. Choosing the Right Size and Color: When using such Font, consider the context and intended use of your design to determine the appropriate font size and color. For headings and titles, opt for larger sizes to ensure readability and impact. Experiment with different colors to complement your overall design palette and evoke the desired mood or aesthetic.
  4. Experiment with Layering and Effects: the Font comes with stackable layers that allow for endless creative possibilities. Experiment with layering different styles and colors to create unique effects and add depth to your designs. Don’t be afraid to get creative and push the boundaries to achieve a truly standout look.

Download Lulo Clean Font Free

To download the Lulo Clean Font for free, simply click on the download button provided above. This font is available for personal use, allowing you to incorporate it into your projects without any cost. Whether you’re working on design projects, creating posters, designing greeting cards, or crafting logos, This Font can add a touch of retro charm and dimensionality to your creations. With its 10 different styles and versatile TrueType and OpenType formats, this Font offers a wide range of possibilities for your design needs. So go ahead, download this elegant typeface and unleash your creativity!

Supported Languages

The large number of languages that Lulo Clean Font supports guarantees its applicability for a wide variety of geographical areas and populations. The Font has broad language support, so you may use it for material created in French, Italian, and many other languages, as well as for English-speaking designers. Because of their universality, designers are able to connect with a wide range of consumers and produce designs that speak to individuals with various language origins. this Font is a useful tool for international design projects because of its flexible language compatibility, which enables designers to communicate clearly and elegantly in any language.


For designers and other creatives alike, Lulo Clean Font is a distinctively elegant and adaptable typeface choice. This typeface gives a distinctive touch to a variety of creative projects with its graceful curves, nostalgic charm, and three-dimensional look. This Font provides countless opportunities to convey originality and refinement in anything from wedding invites to posters, logos, and more. Its ten styles—which include bold and normal weights—offer enough versatility to meet a variety of design requirements. Furthermore, the font’s TrueType and OpenType formats guarantee cross-platform compatibility, enabling a broad user base.

Designers may build visually appealing compositions and improve the visual appeal of their designs by combining Lulo Clean with complimentary types like Georgia. Lulo Clean typeface adds a touch of modernism and nostalgia to any design project, whether it is used for personal or professional purposes.


Is Lulo Clean Font free to use for commercial projects?

Lulo Clean Font is available for free for personal use. However, for commercial projects, a commercial license may be required. It’s important to review the specific terms of use and licensing agreements provided by the font’s publisher, Yellow Design Studio, to ensure compliance with usage rights.

Can I use Lulo Clean Font on both Windows and Mac operating systems?

Yes, Lulo Clean Font is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. It comes in TrueType (TTF) and OpenType (OTF) font formats, making it accessible for designers working on different platforms.

What makes Lulo Clean Font stand out from other fonts?

Lulo Clean Font stands out for its retro, friendly, and three-dimensional design. It offers versatility with 10 different styles, including regular and bold weights, allowing designers to create various effects by layering different colors. Its all-caps structure and extensive language support make it suitable for a wide range of design projects, from posters and banners to logos and motion graphics.

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