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Experience the charm of The New Yorker Font, a homage to the revered American magazine founded in 1925. “NY Irvin,” the font’s centerpiece, artfully blends Art Deco elements with bold strokes, inspired by the magazine’s original art director, Rea Irvin. Designed by Gert Wiescher, this free-to-use font graces The New Yorker’s masthead, logo, and cover art, imparting a touch of tradition to its visual identity. Complemented by fonts like “Adobe Caslon Pro” and “Neutraface,” it weaves a typographic tapestry that captivates readers. Elevate your designs with the sophistication and legacy encapsulated in The New Yorker Font.

Take inspiration for your ideas from The New Yorker’s literary history, which includes essays, fiction, and journalism. When you choose “NY Irvin” as the headline font, your projects will have a classic beauty. Embrace the delicate geometric patterns and Art Deco roots of this renowned, free typeface to up your typographic game.

Basic Info of New Yorker Font

Font NameNew Yorker Serif Font
DesignerGert Wiescher
UsagePersonal Use Only
FormatOTF / TTF
Total Files1

History of New Yorker Font

Embarking on a historical journey to February 21, 1925, marks the birth of Irvin’s iconic logo on The New Yorker’s inaugural cover. Introducing the sophisticated Eustace Tilley, a monocle-clad parody conceived by Irvin, who, in a top hat, became the magazine’s enduring mascot until 1994. Though subsequent anniversary issues showcased diverse characters, Tilley’s spirit endured.

Beyond mere aesthetics, The New Yorker’s logo, with its distinctive font, became intertwined with American culture and journalistic integrity. Inspiring numerous designs, fonts like the New Yorker Engraved font by Nick Curtis (2006) echo the engraved essence of the original logo. Notably, the title design of the comedy series “Only Murders in the Building,” featuring Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez, pays homage to The New Yorker Font.

Why Choose the New Yorker Font?

With its versatile features, the New Yorker Font is an excellent choice for a myriad of design applications. Whether you’re working on logo designs, banner creations, or official projects, this font stands out. Its striking appeal extends to fashion-related design projects, including fashion and essay magazines, as well as journalism.

Ideal for various web and social media design needs, this beautiful typeface is a perfect fit for crafting logos for international companies and industrial projects. The font’s unique and stylish appearance makes it a great companion, especially when paired with fonts like Paris Pro Font.

Unlock the potential of this marvelous font for both short and long paragraphs, exploring various styles. The font’s aesthetic excellence makes it well-suited for creating eye-catching product packaging designs. Take advantage of its generator tool, which seamlessly integrates it into platforms like Google Docs and MS Word.


With extensive applications, the New Yorker Font is perfect for magazine cover pages, logos, posters, banners, book covers, assignments, websites, and blog decoration. Widely supported by Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Canvas, and CSS, the OpenType font extends its influence to YouTube channels and thumbnail creation. Tailor its usage to invitation cards, greeting cards, business cards, packaging, branding, and graphic designs. The handwritten nature enhances layouts, headlines, presentations, assignments, and numerous creative projects, offering versatility and style.

License Info

The New Yorker Font is available for free use in personal projects. However, for any official or commercial projects, a paid version of the font must be obtained.

New Yorker Font Free Download

Download the New Yorker Font directly from our website. The font can be acquired from the provided zip file and is free for personal projects. For commercial usage, the acquisition of the paid version is necessary.

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Character Map

Supported Languages

New Yorker Font supports a diverse range of languages, making it versatile and inclusive. Whether you’re creating content in Albanian, Dutch, French, German, Italian, or a multitude of other languages, New Yorker Font ensures that your text looks stylish and appealing across various linguistic contexts. With an extensive language support list that includes Aragonese, Basque, Corsican, Estonian, Faroese, Haitian Creole, Icelandic, Luxembourgian, and many more, this font caters to a global audience. Whether you’re working on international projects, multilingual designs, or content with diverse linguistic requirements, New Yorker Font offers the flexibility and readability needed to make your text stand out effectively in various languages.


It would be an understatement to say that The New Yorker Magazine Font is just a collection of letters. It’s a relic, an artwork that embodies the spirit and philosophy of the magazine. It honors Rea Irvin, the trailblazer who gave The New Yorker its distinct voice and character. In line with Wiescher’s observations, Irvin’s workmanship is so classic that adapting it to modern times was practically necessary.

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Is New Yorker Font free for commercial use?

No, New Yorker Font is free for personal use only. For any commercial projects, including branding, advertisements, or any form of monetization, a commercial license must be obtained.

Does New Yorker Font work with design software like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator?

Yes, New Yorker Font is compatible with popular design software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and others. You can easily integrate it into your design projects using these tools.

Can I modify New Yorker Font for my project?

Modifying the font itself is generally not allowed. Check the specific license terms, but most fonts, including New Yorker, have restrictions against altering the font files.

What is the difference between New Yorker Font Regular and Bold versions?

The Regular version of New Yorker Font has a standard thickness, suitable for regular text. On the other hand, the Bold version has a heavier and bolder appearance, making it ideal for emphasis in titles or headings. Choose based on the emphasis you want to achieve in your design.

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