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Noir Font is a versatile sans-serif typeface family comprising 12 fonts, blending contemporary aesthetics with early 20th-century geometric influences. Its geometric structure is imbued with an organic personality and a touch of warmth in each form. From light and elegant weights ideal for small text to heavy and masculine weights suited for large displays, Noir offers a comprehensive range of options. With rich OpenType features and extended language support, it caters to professional design needs. Perfect for branding, logos, headlines, and captions, this Font adds a bold yet elegant touch to any project.

Noir Font, designed by Milos Mitrovic and published through Mindburger Studio, is an elegant sans-serif typeface family with 20 variants, influenced by early 20th-century geometric sans serifs. Its geometric structure infuses each letterform with an organic personality and warmth. With two weights—regular and medium—Noir is suitable for a wide range of applications, from small text to large display sizes. Offering OpenType and TrueType features, along with support for Latin Extended-A, Cyrillic, and Greek characters, Noir ensures professional versatility. Additionally, it can be found in Google Fonts and comes with an online font generator tool for quick design needs. pair this font with Slipknot Font and Amazing Spiderman Font for better combination.

Basic Info of Noir Font

Font NameNoir Font
DesignerMilos Mitrovic
FoundryMindburger Studio
Number of Fonts20
WeightsRegular, Medium
OpenType FeaturesYes
Language SupportLatin Extended-A, Cyrillic, Greek
AvailabilityGoogle Fonts
LicensePersonal and Commercial Use
Additional FeaturesOnline Font Generator Tool

Noir Font Free Download

Everyone may use the typeface for free across a variety of websites. You can quickly download the typeface to your computer by clicking the link above . and thereafter utilize it for free in your projects. You can use the typeface for your own projects. If you want to use it for official purposes, you have to get a license.

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