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The Rolling Stone Font captures the iconic lettering of Rolling Stone magazine’s logo, renowned for its bold red curls. While the official font is undisclosed, Royal Acidbath by Sharkshock Fonts closely mirrors the logotype and is available for free personal use. Founded in 1967 in San Francisco, Rolling Stone is a cultural beacon, covering music, liberal politics, and popular culture. Royal Acidbath, in solid and outline versions, offers a versatile option with limited punctuation in both uppercase and lowercase. Embrace the magazine’s timeless aesthetic and download this font to infuse your designs with the spirit of Rolling Stone, a symbol of rock ‘n’ roll history.

Use the Rolling Stone Font, a free download to infuse your works with the spirit of the band’s audacious history. This typeface, which evokes the magazine’s ageless appeal, perfectly captures the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll history for both designers and lovers.

Basic Info of Rolling Stone Font

Font NameRoyal Acidbath
DesignerSharkshock Fonts
InspirationRolling Stone magazine logo
VersionsSolid and Outline versions
Character SetUppercase and lowercase letters
Punctuation MarksLimited
AvailabilityFree for personal use
Similarity to LogoClosely mirrors the Rolling Stone logotype
Magazine Founded1967
Magazine FocusMusic, liberal politics, popular culture
Magazine FoundersJann Wenner and Ralph J. Gleason
Magazine ImpactMajor voice in music journalism, iconic cover stories, online presence, Rolling Stone Music Awards

Reason to Use Rolling Stone Font

  1. Iconic Branding: The Rolling Stone Font is inspired by the iconic lettering of Rolling Stone magazine’s logo, allowing users to incorporate a recognizable and iconic aesthetic into their designs.
  2. Cultural Significance: Rolling Stone is synonymous with music, liberal politics, and popular culture. Using the associated font brings a touch of cultural significance and rock ‘n’ roll history to your projects.
  3. Versatile Typography: Royal Acidbath, the font associated with Rolling Stone, comes in both solid and outline versions, providing versatility for various design needs and creative expressions.
  4. Free Access: The font is available for free personal use, making it accessible for designers, enthusiasts, and fans to evoke the spirit of Rolling Stone without any cost barriers.
  5. Capturing Timeless Style: The font closely mirrors the unique logotype of Rolling Stone, allowing users to capture the magazine’s timeless style and integrate it seamlessly into contemporary designs.
  6. Ideal for Music-related Content: Given Rolling Stone’s focus on music journalism, the font is particularly suitable for designs related to the music industry, events, or any content with a musical theme.
  7. Recognizable Typography: The distinct lettering style is easily recognizable, making it a powerful choice for creating eye-catching and memorable designs that stand out.

Rolling Stone Font Free Download

If you want to download this unique font for free of cost, please click the download button located under description. THANK YOU

Similar Fonts to Rolling Stone Font

  1. Impact
  2. Posterama
  3. Bebas Neue
  4. Bodoni Poster
  5. Rockwell
  6. Trade Gothic Bold
  7. Budweiser Font


The Rolling Stone Font is instantly recognizable, mirroring the magazine’s iconic logo. Sharkshock’s Royal Acidbath font is a free alternative that closely resembles the Rolling Stone logo. The typeface perfectly encapsulates the bold, classic aesthetic of Rolling Stone, particularly due to its powerful and curled letters.

Although the official Rolling Stone Font is still unknown, typefaces that are related to it, such Impact, Posterama, and Bebas Neue, can have a similar effect. These typefaces, along with others like Trade Gothic Bold and Rockwell, are renowned for their adaptability and striking appearance. You can use this font in cartoon industry mix with Toys R Us Font for better result.


Are there alternative fonts that capture the Rolling Stone aesthetic?

Indeed, the Rolling Stone Font shares characteristics with typefaces like Impact, Posterama, Bebas Neue, and Rockwell. These typefaces, which come from different families, have bold and unique styles that have the potential to convey a comparable feeling.

What languages are supported by the Rolling Stone Font?

Typically, typefaces, such as Royal Acidbath and Rolling Stone Font, support the standard Latin character set. It is important to consult the font documentation or data supplied by the designer for information on particular language coverage.

Can I use the Rolling Stone Font for commercial projects?

Fonts can have different licenses and levels of availability. Similar to the Rolling Stone Font, Royal Acidbath is often free for personal use. Before using any typeface for a commercial project, carefully review the licensing agreement to ensure adherence to any usage limitations. Always verify the terms and conditions provided by the distributor or font creator.

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