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Take a fanciful trip with Sailor Moon Font, which draws inspiration from the well-known Japanese manga and anime series. The typeface captures the enchantment and mystique of the Sailor Moon universe, paying tribute to Usagi’s experiences. This Font brings the enthralling typography of the series to life, whether you’re a die-hard fan or a creative enthusiast. With Shardee, designed by Bright Ideas, Sailor Moon Font really shines, bearing a remarkable likeness to Wish MF and Oh You Klid. With its swirls and flourishes, this typeface mimics the original Sailor Moon logo, giving your creative activities a genuine touch.

Explore the enthralling world of Sailor Moon Font, where each character narrates a cosmic story of change, enchantment, and the eternal appeal of this cherished anime series. To fully utilize Sailor Moon Font, download it for personal projects and get in touch with the creator for business endeavors.

Basic Info of Sailor Moon Font

Font NameSailor Moon Font
Inspired BySailor Moon anime and manga
ResemblesWish MF, Oh You Klid
Primary TypefaceShardee by Bright Ideas
DesignerBright Ideas Magazine
UsagePersonal (Free); Commercial (Contact designer for license)

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Supported Languages

The Wish MF typeface was used to create the word “Sailor Moon” in three different fonts for their logo. Oh You Klid Font is used to write the word “Crystal,” while Hardly Worth It Font is used to write the term “Pretty Guardian.”

Sailor Moon Font Usage

Enhance your creative endeavors with Sailor Moon Font’s enchanting aura. Ideal for creating fanciful graphics influenced by the well-known Japanese manga and anime series. Use this captivating typeface for a range of artistic endeavors, such as:

  1. Fan Art Creations: Express your love for Sailor Moon through fan art illustrations, posters, and digital artworks using the Sailor Moon Font.
  2. Cosplay Materials: Elevate your Sailor Moon cosplay game by incorporating this font into signage, banners, and costume embellishments for a truly authentic touch.
  3. Social Media Posts: Capture the essence of Sailor Moon in your social media posts by incorporating this font into graphics, quotes, and promotional materials.
  4. Anime-Themed Merchandise: Design captivating merchandise such as T-shirts, mugs, and stickers with Sailor Moon Font for a unique and magical touch.
  5. Personal Projects: Add a touch of Sailor Moon’s charm to personal projects, including invitations, cards, and DIY crafts.

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License Details

There are two variants of this typeface available: a free version and a premium version. This website offers a free version that you are welcome to use for private purposes. For commercial usage, the premium edition is quite helpful, but you have to get a license from a reliable supplier.

Sailor Moon Font Free Download

We have a free version of this lovely font available if you’re seeking for it. In order to get the free version for your operating system, click the button below. This free version is yours to use for any personal project you want.

Reason To Use Sailor Moon Font

This Font stands out as a versatile typeface, merging the essence of three distinctive fonts to offer a myriad of qualities. Perfect for logo designs, it allows you to create captivating animated logos reminiscent of Sailor Moon’s iconic emblem, captivating your audience and keeping them engaged.

Not only does it excel in logo designs, this versatile font seamlessly blends into a wide range of creative projects, making it universally suited to a multitude of design needs. From book covers and posters to video game graphics and webpages, Sailor Moon Font adds a touch of magic to your designs. From templates and emblems to labels, greeting cards, T-shirt designs, fashion projects, branding endeavors, and homeware creations, Sailor Moon Font adds a touch of magic to any design.

Enhance headlines, titles, quotes, reports, invoices, post descriptions, PowerPoint presentations, paragraphs, and even business names with the charm of Sailor Moon Font. Unleash its creativity across diverse applications and infuse your designs with the enchantment of Sailor Moon’s universe.


What font is utilized in Sailor Moon?

The logo title for Sailor Moon, a well-loved Japanese animated movie from the Shojo Manga Series, seamlessly integrates three fonts: Wish MF font, Oh You Klid Font, and Hardly Worth It Font.

Who is the designer of the Sailor Moon Font?

Tadano Kazuko, a prominent graphic designer from Bright Ideas Magazine, meticulously crafted the high-quality Sailor Moon Font. Drawing inspiration from other fonts used in Japanese Illustrated Movies, she designed this font.

Can I incorporate the Sailor Moon font into my logo design?

Absolutely! You have the freedom to create captivating logo designs inspired by the Sailor Moon font for your websites, brands, and companies.

What is the Sailor Moon text generator tool?

The Sailor Moon text generator tool is a free online tool designed to transform your plain text into vibrant graphics. You can enhance your text with various colors and effects using this user-friendly generator.

Can I use the Sailor Moon typeface for business purposes?

Tadano Kazuko’s Sailor Moon typeface is versatile enough to be used in an array of business contexts. It may be used to a variety of tasks, such as promotional materials, websites, and logos.

Is it possible to change the colors and effects while utilizing the text generation tool for Sailor Moon?

Absolutely! Using the Sailor Moon text generator tool, you can apply various colors and effects to make your writing unique. Experiment with different color combinations to create distinctive visual content.

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