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Shrikhand Font is a unique and versatile Font designed by Jonny Pinhorn. Introduced in 2015 by the Indian Type Foundry, this font supports both the Gujarati and Latin writing systems. Inspired by the vibrant streets of Gujarat, India, This Font reflects the colorful hand-painted lettering observed during Jonny’s stay in Ahmedabad. Characterized by its bold and unapologetic display style, Shrikhand Font brings a touch of elegance and grooviness to design projects. Available in OTF and TTF formats, the font includes special characters and unique glyphs, enhancing its overall appeal.

With a license for both personal and commercial use, This Font is suitable for a variety of applications, from branding and print materials to digital designs. Download this free and captivating typeface to infuse your projects with the essence of Gujarati tradition and modern design aesthetics.

Basic Info of Shrikhand Font

NameShrikhand Font
DesignerJonny Pinhorn
Released Year2015
TypeSerif, Display
Script SupportGujarati, Latin
LicenseFree for Personal & Commercial Use
FormatsOTF, TTF
File Size84 KB
Special FeaturesUnique Glyphs, Special Characters
Ideal ForBranding, Print Materials, Digital Designs
InspirationVibrant Streets of Gujarat

Why Choose Shrikhand Font?

The distinctive, handcrafted flair of Shrikhand Font makes it a remarkably versatile choice for designing truly unique graphics. With this new display typeface, you can generate striking and bold italic textures, giving your text limitless style options. This font is ideal for creating authentic, hand-crafted characters and beautiful calligraphy, adding a touch of elegance to your work.

With its bold italic design, it is a versatile show typeface that works well for a variety of script and display designs. Even though this font works well for handwritten combinations, its italic design makes it ideal for script and display designs. When creating banners, posters, advertisements, and social media postings, the free version of This Font is a great tool to have. This typeface has gained a lot of popularity among web designers and calligraphers, particularly in Gujarat and Ahmedabad, India, the places where the creator found inspiration. Visit our website to use the free version for a variety of project applications.

Shrikhand Font Family

This Font only Contain one weight

  • Shrikhand-Regular

Alternatives of Shrikhand Font:

  1. Bohemian Script
  2. Butterflies
  3. Velvet Dreams
  4. Stay Magical Font
  5. Dylan Font
  6. Graceful Font
  7. Vegan Styles Font
  8. King Font
  9. Mercury Font
  10. Green Font
  11. Jagger Font

Applications of Shrikhand Font:

  1. Brand Logos: Create distinctive and eye-catching brand logos with the bold and expressive features of Shrikhand Font.
  2. Advertising Materials: Design engaging banners, posters, and advertisements that stand out with the vibrant and playful style of Shrikhand Typeface.
  3. Social Media Posts: Enhance your social media presence by incorporating Shrikhand Font into your post designs, adding a touch of creativity.
  4. Web Design: Utilize This Font to bring a unique and lively aesthetic to your website, making your content visually appealing.
  5. Event Invitations: Craft memorable and stylish event invitations, making a lasting impression with This Font’s bold and captivating look.
  6. Printed Materials: Enhance the visual appeal of printed materials such as brochures, flyers, and menus with the distinctive charm of Shrikhand Typeface.
  7. Product Packaging: Make your products stand out on the shelves by incorporating Shrikhand Typefaceinto your packaging design, adding a touch of personality.
  8. Display Signage: Create attention-grabbing display signage for various purposes, utilizing Shrikhand Font’s big and bold letterforms.
  9. Personal Branding: Establish a unique and memorable personal brand by using Shrikhand Typefacein your personal branding materials.
  10. Creative Projects: Infuse creativity into a variety of projects, including illustrations, handmade designs, and artistic endeavors, with the playful style of Shrikhand Typeface.

Details of License

It is a premium typeface that you may use for any project with the help of a license that you can get from the website of the font owner.

Shrikhand Font Free Download

To download the font to your computer for free and install it on your operating system, click the download button below. This typeface is available for free usage in any personal projects; commercial projects are not permitted.

Supported Languages.

This Font supports the following languages:

  1. English
  2. Gujarati (Indian language)

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What category does Shrikhand Font belong to?

Shrikhand Typefaceis a display typeface available in a singular regular style, crafted by Jonny Pinhorn.

Are there similar fonts to Shrikhand Font?

Yes, in the font market, you can find alternatives like Permanent Marker, offering the ability to create designs similar to Shrikhand Font.

Is Shrikhand Font safe for web usage?

Absolutely! THis Font is deemed safe for web and personal projects, ensuring secure usage on both PC and MAC platforms.

Can Shrikhand Font be used for official logos?

Certainly! However, for official logos, it is necessary to purchase the font license or seek permission from the font author before use.

Does Shrikhand Font support multilingual characters?

Yes, Shrikhand Typeface supports multilingual characters, enhancing its versatility for diverse language usage.

Can Shrikhand Font be used in commercial projects without a license?

No, for commercial projects, it is essential to obtain a license or permission from the font author before utilizing Shrikhand Typeface.

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