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The Signpainter Font, part of Fontforecast’s Ink Favorites Collection, offers a diverse range of calligraphy fonts meticulously crafted by sign painters. This carefully curated collection presents 25 cutting-edge calligraphy fonts, each bearing its own flair and attitude, unified by the common denominator of ink. Crafted with dip pens, folded brass pens, bamboo pens, or brushes, each font in this script carries the distinct mark of its tool, lending a unique stroke to its design. Because of its bold and italic capabilities, Sign Painter HouseScript is well-suited for a wide range of design applications. This typeface enthralls with its understated elegance and unique trademark style, evocative of Vincentia Script, whether used for branding, graphic overlays, watermarks, business cards, invitations, and more.

Sign Painter HouseScript is perfect for generating harmonious typography since it seamlessly blends font sizes, guaranteeing a proportion that is both visually beautiful and appealing to a broad audience. This font is easily downloadable for both personal and commercial use, which makes it a useful tool for designers looking for an expressive and fashionable typeface for their work.

Basic Info of Signpainter Font

Font NameSignPainter HouseScript Regular
Downloads Today12
Downloads Yesterday31
Total Downloads206,880
ZIP File Size68.3 KB
FamilySignPainter HouseScript
File FormatTTF
PostScript NameSignPainterHouseScript
Number of Glyphs220
Units per EM1000
Max Advance Width1051
Max Advance Height1192
Underline Position-143
Underline Thickness20
Global BBox(-307,-392) , (1089,800)
Has HorizontalYes
Has KerningYes
Is Fixed WidthNo
Is ScalableYes
Copyright(C)1999 House Industries/Brand Design Co., Inc.
Font FamilySignPainter-HouseScript
Font SubfamilyRegular
IdentifierSignPainter HouseScript:Version 3.001
Full NameSignPainter HouseScript
VersionVersion 3.001 August 11, 2018
PostScript NameSignPainter-HouseScript
TrademarkSignPainter-HouseScript is a trademark of House Industries/Brand Design Co., Inc.
ManufacturerSign Painter House Script – House Industries/Brand Design Co. Inc
DesignerHouse Industries
DescriptionPart of the Sign Painter Font Kit from House Industries
Vendor URLHouse Industries Website
Designer URLHouse Industries Designer Page
LicenseApple distribution of Sign Painter House Script by House Industries
License URLHouse Industries License
Typographic Family nameSignPainter
Typographic Subfamily nameHouseScript

Usage and Applications

With its enigmatic and atmospheric design , Signpainter Font is frequently used in a variety of artistic endeavors that call for a feeling of mystery and suspense. Creating wedding invitations is one of its main uses, since it lends a mysterious touch to the announcements of the event. Because of the font’s distinctive look, it may also be used to create greeting cards, especially for events like Halloween or themed gatherings when a frightening atmosphere is desired. combine this font with Reeses Font for pungent design

Furthermore, the Font is frequently used in poster designs, particularly to advertise films or events with a spooky or supernatural atmosphere. Its unique style has the power to enthrall viewers and highlight the material. Additionally, the typeface works well for designing logos, especially for companies or brands in the entertainment, gaming, or paranormal industries where a sense of mystery is essential to the identity of the brand. All things considered, Signpainter Font works well for designs that aim to arouse intrigue and mystery.

Download Signpainter Font for Free

If you’re interested in obtaining the Signpainter Font free of charge, simply click the download button provided above. We appreciate your interest and hope you find the font useful for your projects. Thank you for choosing this Font!

Key Features

The unique calligraphic style of Signpainter Font is typified by its elaborate and dramatic letterforms, which give off a mysterious and intriguing vibe. With a dark and mysterious twist, the font’s graceful curves and flowing strokes are reminiscent of handwritten calligraphy. Ornate embellishments meticulously sculpted into each letter give the overall design depth and character. The font’s distinct visual appeal is preserved while enabling flawless legibility thanks to the meticulously calibrated letter spacing.

Overall, Signpainter Font embodies a sense of otherworldliness and suspense, making it ideal for projects that aim to captivate and mystify viewers. Its intricate design elements and evocative style set it apart, making it a popular choice for those seeking to add a touch of the supernatural or mysterious to their creative endeavors. pair this font with Hocus Pocus Font for aesthetic design

Alternatives of Signpainter Font:

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  2. Vampiro One
  3. Nosifer
  4. Sacramento
  5. Metal Mania
  6. Chiller
  7. Cards Against Humanity Font
  8. Lego Font
  9. Mystery Quest
  10. Almendra Display
  11. Sancreek
  12. Limelight
  13. MedievalSharp

Supported Languages

The Signpainter Font supports a wide range of languages, making it versatile and accessible for various design projects. Whether you’re creating content in English, Spanish, French, German, or any other language, you can confidently use this font to convey your message effectively. With its extensive language support, including diacritics and special characters, you can cater to diverse audiences around the world. Whether it’s for posters, invitations, branding, or multimedia projects, the Signpainter Font ensures that your text remains clear and legible across different languages.

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