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Slayer Font, inspired by the iconic lettering of the American thrash metal band Slayer, brings the band’s intense and impactful aesthetic to your designs. Created by Chris Hansen, the Slaytanic font faithfully captures the bold style of the original logo designed by Blake Edwards in 1981. Perfect for fans and designers, this free-to-use font adds a touch of Slayer’s rebellious spirit to various creative projects. Whether you’re crafting posters, articles, or music-related designs, Slayer Font provides a unique and authentic typographic element. Embrace the thrash metal vibe and infuse your creations with the unmistakable energy of Slayer’s legendary presence in the heavy metal genre.

For a strong typographic statement evoking Slayer’s violent thrash metal aesthetic, download Slayer Font right away. Use this dynamic typeface to add flair to your creative projects while honoring the famous and influential iconography of the Slayer band.

Basic Info of Slayer Font

Font NameSlayer Font
DesignerChris Hansen
ReleasedDecember 2004
StyleGothic, Metal, Display
LicenseFree for Personal Use
FormatsOTF, TTF
GlyphsUppercase, Numbers, Punctuation, Symbols
Download CountN/A (Free for Personal Use)

Reason to Use Slayer Font

The Slayer Font, with its gothic and metal aesthetic, is an ideal choice for various design projects, especially those related to the music industry, metal genres, and bold, impactful visuals. Whether you’re creating posters, album covers, merchandise, or promotional materials for events, this Font adds a dark, edgy flair that complements the themes of intensity and power. Its association with the renowned thrash metal band Slayer makes it an authentic and recognizable choice for fans and enthusiasts. With uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols featuring a distinct gothic style, this font enhances the visual appeal of designs where a bold, impactful, and metal-inspired look is desired.

Slayer Logo

License Information

The licensing details for this typeface can be found on the font owner’s official website. Accessing the license allows users to utilize all features associated with this typeface.

Slayer Font Free Download

For personal use, simply click the download button Above in description to initiate the automatic downloading of the Slayer Font.

Slayer Font Family

  1. Slayer-Regular
  2. Slayer-Bold

Alternatives of Slayer Font

  1. Demonblade Font
  2. Abyssal Slayer
  3. Gothic Slaughter Font
  4. Crimson Serpent Font
  5. Shadowbane Font
  6. Thunderstrike Font
  7. Mortal Valor Font
  8. Obsidian Edge Font
  9. IronWood Font
  10. Squealer Font
  11. Dornspitz Grotesk Font
  12. DS Kork Font
  13. Bubble Font
  14. Tall Boy 3D Font
  15. Judas Font
  16. Urban Font
  17. Irongate Font
  18. Demon Slayer Typeface
  19. Slaytanic Font

Usage and Applications of Slayer Font:

  1. Band Merchandise: Ideal for designing band merchandise such as T-shirts, hoodies, and posters for Slayer and similar heavy metal bands.
  2. Music Album Covers: Perfect for creating impactful and edgy designs for album covers in the thrash metal and rock music genres.
  3. Concert Posters and Flyers: Use his Font to design eye-catching posters and flyers to promote concerts, music events, and festivals.
  4. Website Headers: Suitable for creating bold and distinctive headers for music-related websites and blogs.
  5. Gaming Graphics: Well-suited for incorporating a metal-inspired look in graphics for video games, especially those with intense and aggressive themes.
  6. Tattoos and Artwork: A great choice for designing tattoos and unique artwork that embraces the dark and rebellious aesthetic of thrash metal.
  7. Logo Design: Use This Font to design logos for brands, businesses, or products that want to convey a bold and edgy identity.
  8. Printed Materials: Effective for designing printed materials like stickers, banners, and promotional materials that demand attention and convey a sense of intensity.

Character Map

Supported Languages

English and many other Western languages may be written using the Slayer Font as it is mostly compatible with languages that utilize the Latin script.
It might not offer comprehensive support for languages like Greek, Cyrillic, or others that utilize scripts other than Latin.
It’s best to verify with the font’s documentation or the designer for complete language support data before utilizing the font for specific language requirements.


The Slayer Font is a potent and recognizable symbol of the venerable thrash metal group. Meticulously crafted and drawing inspiration from the band’s emblem, this typeface embodies the forceful and passionate essence that characterizes Slayer’s discography. This Font delivers with its distinct and edgy style, whether you’re a designer searching for a bold and striking typeface or a die-hard fan wishing to infuse Slayer’s soul into your work. Now that the typeface may be downloaded for free for personal use, it can be used for a wide range of creative projects. Adopt a metal look and let This Font loose to add a little bit of musical intensity to your projects.

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Is Slayer Font available for commercial use, or is it strictly for personal use?

The Slayer Font is available for free personal usage. You can verify its commercial compliance by reviewing the licensing information on the font owner’s website.

Can I modify or customize the Slayer Font for my specific design needs?

Although Slayer Font is free for personal use, be sure to review its licensing conditions to understand how much modification or customization is permitted, particularly for commercial purposes.

Are there any similar fonts available for free that capture the essence of Slayer Font?

Indeed, there are several typefaces that embody the same strong and bold characteristics of Slayer Font, such as Demon Slayer Font and Slaytanic Font, catering to diverse creative needs.

How can I download Slayer Font, and what file formats are available?

Simply click the download icon on the font owner’s website to get Slayer Font for personal use. The typeface is typically available as TrueType (TTF) and OpenType (OTF) file formats, ensuring compatibility with a broad range of design applications.

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