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Splatoon, a vibrant Nintendo video game, immerses players in team-based battles controlling squid-like characters. The game’s fonts reflect its colorful, quirky art style, epitomized by the Splatoon Font. The closest match to the Splatoon Font is “Dreamland” designed by Jim Parkinson and available through Monotype. This typeface is reminiscent of the custom-designed font used in the Splatoon game logo. Dreamland features rounded letterforms with thick, swirly outlines, providing a cheerful and colorful appearance synonymous with the game’s aesthetic.

To acquire and use the Splatoon Font, interested users can purchase a license for the Dreamland font, which closely resembles the style found in the game’s design elements.

Basic info Table for Splatoon Font

Font NameDreamland
DesignerJim Parkinson
StyleCustom-designed, Rounded letterforms
File FormatTTF (TrueType Font)
Date ReleasedNot specified (Associated with game release in May 2015)
LicenseAvailable for purchase
FeaturesCheerful, colorful appearance with thick, swirly outlines

Create Text Graphics with Splatoon Font

With the help of the Splatoon typeface and the tool below, you can make text graphics and logos from your own text. Once the picture has been generated, you may save it or use the EMBED button to obtain links to embed it on the web.

What Is the Splatoon Font?

Jim Parkinson designed the Splatoon typeface specifically for the Splatoon video game series. It’s a script typeface with a lively, fun vibe, reminiscent of graffiti. The typeface may be used to create dynamic headlines and logos since it has so many alternatives and variants. Alongside the latest Splatoon game, Nintendo also introduced an upgraded typeface. The most recent Splatoon typeface is Splatoon 3 typeface; Splatoon 2 and Splatoon Font are the older iterations

Download Splatoon Font & Logo for Free

Please click the link below to obtain the free TTF file for this sign font.
You don’t need a Splatoon font generator to utilize this copy-and-paste version of the typeface, which lets you use it to make designs that resemble Splatoon without the requirement for Splatoon logotype text generators. Additionally, you will have access to every alphabetical and numeric character required to create your design.

Advantages of Using the Splatoon Font

This font proves beneficial across diverse design projects like blogs, websites, templates, and is particularly effective for headings and titles. Should you seek a similar font, Flames Font is a good alternative to explore.

Its versatility extends to various design applications including posters, book covers, art designs, invitation and gift cards, business cards, mug designs, branding projects, presentations, articles, social media posts, magazines, newspapers, and documentation.

Compatible with design software such as Photoshop, Corel Draw, MS Office, and Illustrator, it accommodates a wide array of platforms including PCs, MAC, Linux, and Android devices. Notably, numerous international corporations utilize this font for their official logo designs.

In educational settings, it finds purpose in office work, assignments, and general reports. Pairing it with Funky Disco Font can yield intriguing and engaging designs. Moreover, it’s a favored choice in clothing companies and for T-shirt designs.

Similar to Splatoon Font

Fonts that bear resemblance to the Splatoon font, known for its rounded, playful, and colorful appearance, include:

  1. Comic Sans MS: It’s informal, friendly, and has rounded edges, making it somewhat similar in tone.
  2. Marker Felt: This font has a handwritten feel with rounded edges, sharing some visual characteristics with Splatoon.
  3. Varela Round: A clean, rounded font that exudes a casual and friendly vibe, similar in some aspects to the Splatoon font.
  4. Chubby Cheeks: A fun and rounded font that shares the playful essence of Splatoon’s design.
  5. Bubblegum Sans: Known for its friendly and rounded appearance, this font is reminiscent of the cheerful style in Splatoon.


In gaming, fonts play a crucial role in shaping the overall experience, and Splatoon demonstrates this brilliantly. The Splatoon font isn’t just visually appealing; it’s a versatile tool that gives the game its unique look and feel. It’s not just about aesthetics; this font contributes to the game’s identity, setting the tone and reflecting its personality.

If you’re eager to incorporate the Splatoon font into your own projects, you can access it through the links we’ve shared earlier. Alternatively, our Splatoon Font Generator offers a chance to craft personalized text. We hope you enjoy experimenting with the Splatoon font using our generator. And if you’re into exploring more fonts and generators, you might find interest in others like CS Source, Times New Bastard Font, Persona 5, and Monster Inc. Font. Have fun exploring!

The distinct ‘Human Sans Font‘ is now available for download for unique typographic styles. In addition to iconic TV shows, download the font associated with ‘Miami Vice‘.


What is the official Splatoon font used in the game?

The official Splatoon font isn’t publicly available or formally named. However, the closest match found for the Splatoon logo font is “Dreamland” designed by Jim Parkinson and released by Monotype.

Can I download the Splatoon font for personal or commercial use?

The exact font used in the Splatoon game might not be available for direct download due to copyright or licensing restrictions. However, fonts similar in style, such as “Dreamland,” might be available for purchase or licensing.

Where can I find a font generator or tool to create texts in the style of Splatoon?

There might be online tools or font generators available that mimic the style of the Splatoon font. Searching for “Splatoon font generator” or similar terms could lead to platforms offering text creation in a similar style.

What are the distinguishing features of the Splatoon font?

The Splatoon font, resembling “Dreamland,” typically features rounded letterforms with thick, swirly outlines, contributing to a cheerful and colorful appearance that complements the game’s vibrant aesthetic.

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