What Font Does Adidas Use

What Font Does Adidas Use?

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Are you interested in discovering the font used in the Adidas Logo? We’ve pinpointed the font name and included a link to obtain it at no cost.

The Adidas logo font is a well-known brand, which makes it appealing. At least once in their lives, everyone ought to get the chance to sample one of its goods. Herzogenaurach, Germany, has been the company’s headquarters since its foundation in July 1924. It is a globally recognized brand that produces clothing, accessories, and shoes. Together with revenues of 21.915 billion euros, the company’s net income in 2018 was over 1.7 billion euros. The firm enjoys a strong reputation in the industry, which has helped it become quite popular.

About Adidas

Adidas is a well-known international brand of sporting footwear and clothing. It is one of the biggest producers of sportswear in the world, offering an extensive selection of athletic apparel, footwear, and accessories. The company’s emblem, which usually comprises of three stripes, is well-known around the world for being connected to athletic apparel and sports. Adidas is a well-known brand in the sports and fashion industries, and it is well-known for its premium athletic and lifestyle goods.

What Font Was Used in the Adidas Logo?

The typeface used in the Adidas logo and on the company website is called “ITC Avant Garde Gothic Std Demi.” The following designers contributed to the font’s creation:

  1. Erich Gschwind,
  2. Herb Lubalin,
  3. Tom Carnase,
  4. Edward Benguiat,
  5. and Andre Gürtler.

Adidas Font Free Alternative

We designed a free typeface based on the Adidas logo font, which you may use for personal or professional purposes. GUST e-foundry created the typeface, which is free to use for both personal and business projects. Enjoy using this font after downloading it.

  1. Avant Garde Gothic Demi
  2. Myriad Pro
  3. Helvetica
  4. Garamond
  5. Avenir Next
  6. Optima

The Adidas Logo

The Adidas logo, known as the “Adidas Trefoil” or “Adidas Originals,” is one of the most instantly recognizable logos in the world. It consists of three parallel, slanted stripes forming a triangle, with the word “Adidas” placed underneath. The combination of the symbol and the typography is what makes the logo distinctive.

Evolution of the Adidas Font Family

Joancarles Casasín created the first AdiNeue typeface in 2012; it had three weights and only had lowercase characters. Adidas and MCKL partnered in 2014 when Adidas saw an opportunity for growth. The font family was extended to include capital letters, italics, condensed styles, and additional characters evoking the Avant Garde style, all under the direction of Jeremy Mickel.

The early 20th-century avant-garde art movement, which rejected conventional aesthetic conventions, had an impact on this growth. The original Adidas wordmark, trefoil, and Badge of Sport (three stripes) were redone in conjunction with these improvements. Adineue Pro underwent more modifications to become a cutting-edge changeable typeface with a wide variety of widths and weights. Currently, the Adidas typeface features an extensive character set that supports the majority of Latin languages.

Adidas Font Aesthetics

The AdiNeue Pro typeface from Adidas has a modern, futuristic vibe about it. Its design is defined by rounded curves, simple, straight lines, and an absence of unnecessary embellishments. The typeface is quite adaptable because of its simple design. To make it seem more dynamic, designers can experiment with the letter spacing, overlap them, or even add slants and curves.

Adidas Font and Brand Identity

Adidas decided to strategically include the AdiNeue typeface into its logo in 2012. This took the place of the previous typeface, which was inspired by Adidas’ founder Adolf Dassler’s handwriting. The 1991 unveiling of the sleek three-bar logo was consistent with the debut of AdiNeue. AdiNeue typeface perfectly complements this logo, which stands for performance, quality, and innovation.

Adidas Font Generator

Experience our text generator, which allows you to craft stylish graphics using the iconic Adidas font. Afterward, effortlessly save your font image on your PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, or Android device. Our Adidas Font Generator empowers you to transform any text into stunning fonts with captivating styles, making your content visually appealing.


Adidas’s usage of Avant Garde Gothic for their emblem is a classic illustration of how typography can be a potent tool for establishing and preserving a brand’s identity. The logo has been popular for decades because of its ageless style, which symbolizes the brand’s inventive and sporty reputation. Gaining an understanding of the font’s significance in the Adidas logo might help one better understand the brand’s background and ongoing popularity in the fashion and sports industries.

Discover the font that resonates with Adidas’s dynamic brand.

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Which font type does Adidas use?

Adapted from the famous sports clothing brand Adidas logo, this free typeface features a gothic design.

What is the Adidas logo?

Adidas is a famous shoe brand with a logo completely different from any other logos out there. It has a typeface with three leaves representing the three countries.

Can I use Adidas Font for free?

There are no limitations to the use of this font for any type of design – small or large.

Can you tell me what font Adidas Originals uses?

ITC Avant Garde Gothic Std Demi has been used as the primary typeface for this logo.

What type of font is Adidas Font?

Adidas Font is a gothic typeface inspired by the logo of the famous sportswear brand Adidas and is available for free.

Is Adidas Font free to use?

This font can be used for all types of designs, both small and large, without any limitations.

What font is the Adidas Originals logo?

The primary typeface used in the Adidas Originals logo is known as ITC Avant Garde Gothic Std Demi.

What is the Adidas logo?

The logo of the famous shoe brand Adidas is uniquely designed with a typeface featuring three leaves representing three different countries.

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