What Font Does Amazon Use

What Font Does Amazon Use?

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Amazon Ember is Amazon’s signature font, a key element in their brand identity used across their website and apps, offering customers a readable and recognizable experience when shopping online. This sans-serif font made its debut in 2016, initially introduced with the Kindle Oasis e-reader.

Amazon, founded in 1994, has grown to become one of the largest e-commerce companies globally, offering a wide range of products and services. In addition to its vast selection and competitive prices, Amazon is known for its distinctive branding, which includes a unique Amazon font. Let’s explore the fonts used by Amazon, their history, and their significance.

Amazon’s Readable and Recognizable Fonts:

Amazon takes font selection seriously, prioritizing readability on screens of all sizes, from large monitors to mobile devices. Their fonts are designed to offer a clear reading experience while maintaining a distinct and recognizable quality unique to Amazon.

Amazon Font for Web and Kindle:

In 2015, Amazon introduced “Bookerly” as its default font for Kindle Paperwhite. This change was well-received, as Bookerly improved text readability and made reading easier and faster. Bookerly is now the default font for Amazon’s website as well. While the change from the previous “Ember” font is subtle, Bookerly’s serif style offers a more elegant and readable font.

Ember Amazon Font:

Ember, the previous Amazon font, was more informal but still retained a touch of formality. It was derived from the Arial font family and offered some ligatures and stylistic alternatives, providing flexibility for different design choices.

Bookerly Amazon Font:

Designed by Dalton Maag, Bookerly brings a significant improvement to readability. This serif font includes ligatures and kerning pairs, making it easier on the eyes and enhancing the overall reading experience. It is now the default Amazon font for apps, websites, and Kindle platforms.

Amazon Logo Font:

Amazon’s logo has evolved over the years, and it has had different fonts associated with it. From 1998 to 2000, Amazon’s logo featured “Officina Sans Bold” for the “Amazon” part and “Officina Sans Book” for the “.com” part. These fonts offered versatility by supporting 21 languages and various characters and ligatures specific to different languages.

The Current Amazon Logo Font:

While the current Amazon logo font is available for download, it works well with the logo’s design. The font resembles the “Franklin Gothic Medium” for the “Amazon” part and “Helvetica Neue Light” for the “.com” part, with a slight black rounding stroke to soften the logo’s appearance.

Alternatives to Amazon Fonts:

if you’re looking for alternatives to the Amazon font, there are several fonts that offer similar qualities in terms of readability and versatility. Here are a few options:

1. Arial

  • Style: Sans-serif
  • Readability: Arial is known for its readability and clarity, making it an excellent choice for both print and digital content.
  • Versatility: It’s widely available and supported across various platforms, making it a versatile option for different projects.

2. Helvetica

  • Style: Sans-serif
  • Readability: Helvetica is celebrated for its clean and modern design, ensuring readability in a wide range of applications.
  • Versatility: It’s available in various weights and styles, allowing for flexibility in design.

3. Open Sans

  • Style: Sans-serif
  • Readability: Open Sans is known for its high readability and clean lines, making it suitable for web and print content.
  • Versatility: It’s a web-safe font and can be used in various design projects, including websites, presentations, and more.

4. Roboto

  • Style: Sans-serif
  • Readability: Roboto is designed for excellent legibility on screens, which makes it a great choice for digital projects.
  • Versatility: It’s widely used in web and mobile design and comes in various weights and styles.

5. Lato

  • Style: Sans-serif
  • Readability: Lato is known for its readability and versatility, making it suitable for a wide range of design applications.
  • Versatility: It offers multiple weights and styles, making it adaptable to different design needs.

6. Calibri:

  • Style: Sans-serif
  • Readability: Calibri is designed for on-screen readability and is the default font in Microsoft Office applications.
  • Versatility: It’s widely available and is a good choice for documents, presentations, and web content.

7. Source Sans Pro

  • Style: Sans-serif
  • Readability: Source Sans Pro is highly legible, especially in digital settings, making it a popular choice for web design.
  • Versatility: It’s part of the Adobe Fonts library and can be used for both print and digital projects.

Licence Details

Purchasing an entire font licence from the font owner is the best option. After purchasing a licence, you are permitted to use this typeface for printing administrative projects and commercial purposes.

Amazon Font Free Download

You are allowed to use this typeface in any of your non-official and personal projects as it is a free version. To download it for free to your operating system, simply click the icon below.

Amazon Items & Affiliates

Different typefaces may be used by Amazon’s various companies, goods, and services outside of the Amazon website. For instance, Dalton Maag created the unique font style Booklerly, which is used on the Amazon Kindle. Nevertheless, subsequent Kindle iterations such as the Kindle 8th Generation employ Amazon Ember, which is the identical typeface utilised on their website.

To maintain brand identification, some of Amazon’s subsidiaries, however, could still use their own typeface and haven’t updated to reflect Amazon’s design. For instance, even after Twitch was bought by Amazon in 2014, the Twitch font—which was made by DeviantArt user MaxiGamer—remains. Additionally, Amazon purchased the American organic store Whole Foods Market, although it kept the Alan Bright-designed logo intact.

Amazon Ember Font:

Amazon’s proprietary font, Ember, stands out with its unique style, and you can download it through official Amazon channels for free. If you’re feeling creative, you can even explore Amazon Ember font generators to add a personalized touch to your text. For those seeking alternatives, there are fonts similar to Amazon Ember that capture a similar aesthetic.

Amazon also uses specific fonts for invoices, and you might want to discover which font they use for these essential documents. In addition to Ember, Amazon offers various fonts for download, enabling you to elevate your content with their distinct typefaces. Web developers and designers can seamlessly implement the Amazon Ember font in their websites using CSS, ensuring a consistent and branded look.

Do Various Amazon Fonts Come in Different Styles?

Certainly! Amazon Ember and Bookerly offer a range of font styles, and Amazon selects them based on the display resolution. For Ember, you’ll find a selection of weights including thin, light, book, regular, medium, semi-bold, bold, and heavy. These different weights are used for menus, screen text, and digital reading displays, each serving a specific purpose.

Furthermore, Amazon’s official description of Ember emphasizes its gentle softening around the edges and corners. Its versatile weights make it an excellent choice for various headlines across the website. On the other hand, Bookerly comes in three weights: light, regular, and bold. You can easily adjust these weights and font sizes while reading on your Kindle.


Two typefaces stand out when exploring Amazon or reading more about your favourite subjects on the Kindle: Bookerly and Ember.
The master brand typeface, Ember, is used on the Amazon Oasis e-reader as well as the whole Amazon website. For previous Kindle generations, Bookerly is the industry standard.
If you would want the text to appear differently on the Kindle, you may change the font settings. Otherwise, Ember is the sans-serif typeface you see on the Amazon website, while Bookerly is the serif variant you see on Kindle. Followings are our new post for you, please visit them

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FAQs about the Amazon Font:

What is the Amazon font called, and can I download it?

The Amazon font, known as Amazon Ember, is not available for public download. It is exclusively used for Amazon’s branding.

Can I use a similar font to Amazon’s for my own branding?

While you can find similar fonts, using one too close to Amazon’s font may create confusion and imply a connection to Amazon’s branding.

How does the Amazon font contribute to brand recognition and trust?

The Amazon font helps maintain a unified appearance across Amazon’s marketing materials, reinforcing brand identity and customer trust.

Are there guidelines for using the Amazon font in marketing materials?

Amazon has specific guidelines for using the font, specifying its size, colour, and spacing, ensuring consistency in branding.

Has the Amazon font evolved over time?

Amazon’s font has seen minor changes over the years to adapt to design trends and business needs.

Can I modify the Amazon font for my branding, or does it violate copyright laws?

Modifying the Amazon font for branding purposes without authorization is not allowed, but exceptions may be made for specific projects or partnerships.

How does the Amazon font compare to other e-commerce branding fonts?

Amazon’s font stands out from fonts like Helvetica and Arial due to its unique lowercase “a.”

Are there limitations in using the Amazon font with different languages or scripts?

The Amazon font supports a variety of languages and scripts, but adjustments may be needed for some scripts to ensure readability and usability.

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