What Font Does TikTok Use

What Font Does TikTok Use?

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Are you curious about the Font used for text addition in TikTok videos? All five TikTok typefaces are covered in this post, along with free variations you may use offline!
Want that true TikTok appearance even if you’re using third-party editing tools to create your video? Correcting the typefaces is essential. What typefaces is TikTok using then? We’ll review the five typefaces presently accessible in TikTok’s text functionality in this post, along with royalty-free dupes that you may use with any editing program.

TikTok Font #1: Classic

The first style choice when adding text to a video in the TikTok app is “Classic.” It has a rather retro aesthetic, notably blocky backgrounds and rounded corners.
This is still a rather popular choice on the app, despite the fact that it seems like something from the early days of TikTok, around 2020. For the Classic TikTok typeface, Proxima Nova – Semibold is the font that was utilized. It’s a free font family from the Proxima Nova collection that can be used for personal but not commercial purposes.

It’s wonderful if you have the authorization to use Proxima Nova and have already licensed it. If not, a fully royalty-free typeface should be your first choice to cover all your bases. For the Classic TikTok typeface, Montserrat or Montserrat Semibold are both excellent spoofs.

Make sure you include the text background with rounded corners to complete the TikTok Classic style. With a video editing program like Kapwing, you can accomplish that. Although you do not need to use the exact same colors as those offered by the TikTok editor, here are some examples:

To obtain the colours of the TikTok typeface, you may either eyeball the colours or use these HEX codes:

  1. Red — #EA403F
  2. White — #FFFFFF
  3. Dark Gray — #333333
  4. Yellow — #F2CD46
  5. Blue Gray — #2F688C
  6. Violet — #5756D4
  7. Lime Green — #78C25E
  8. Orange — #FF933D
  9. Pink — #F7D7E9
  10. Dark Green — #32523B
  11. Teal — #77C8A6
  12. Light Blue — #3496F0
  13. Black — #000000
  14. Light Gray — #92979E
  15. Dark Blue — #3496F0
  16. Brown — #A3895B

TikTok Font #2: Handwriting

Although the TikTok Handwriting font is really aesthetically pleasing, we never advise using it to caption a whole video since it can be a bit challenging to read if the text is too small. Apply it to headlines, highlights, and to add a little cottage-core flavor. It was challenging to find a script font that was a decent substitute for TikTok’s handwriting.

Though neither Kaufmann nor Cafe Script are free, they are widely regarded as the greatest dupes. We believe that the Google typeface Yesteryear is the greatest substitute that isn’t subject to royalties.

TikTok Font #3:Typewriter

Introducing the Typewriter font for aficionados of hardboiled detective stories, novelists, and vintage enthusiasts. The typewriter is a sleek sans-serif font with ample character spacing, making it relatively easy to replicate. Source Code Pro Bold is an excellent alternative to achieve the TikTok Typewriter font’s style. The crucial factor here is the use of the “Bold” style, as it replicates the robust line weight characteristic of the Typewriter font. What’s even more appealing is that Source Code Pro is not only a near-perfect match in appearance but also a freely available font, making it an ideal choice for both commercial and personal purposes.

Font #4 on TikTok: Neon

The TikTok Neon typeface is an all-caps font with a backdrop that glows like, well, neon lights.
Aveny-T is an exact replica of this typeface since it is distinctly geometric, even with the rounded ends of the letter lines. Aveny-T is not a recent addition to the social media landscape, despite the TikTok font’s distinctive diffuse colored backdrop.

Look for it in Instagram’s Type typeface and Meta-advertising assets. Regretfully, Aveny-T is not available for free. Instead, we suggest using the Abel free Google font. Its line weight is comparable, and its tall, somewhat compressed letters and rounded line endings give it a gentle geometric appearance.

Here’s how to mimic the TikTok Neon font easily:

Step 1: Turn on Caps Lock

To achieve the Neon font style, you need to use all capital letters. The Neon font is always in uppercase. If you’re using the Abel font, which has both uppercase and lowercase characters, simply activate the Caps Lock on your keyboard to make all the letters capital.

Step 2: Create a Glowing Background

The Neon font has a bright, colored glow behind it, which is not part of Abel by default. To add this neon glow effect, follow these simple steps:

  1. Duplicate the text and choose the color you want for the glow.
  2. Blur the colored text, typically around 75% for a good effect.
  3. Align the two text boxes and position the colored text behind the regular text.

That’s it! With these steps, your Abel font will closely resemble the TikTok Neon font.

TikTok Font #5: Serif

The TikTok typeface Serif is the last one. It may not be everyone’s favorite, but it has been in a few TikTok trends (such as this one). It seems elegant and bold when all capitals, much like a wedding invitation. It reminds me of the print type found in old novels, but in lowercase. This is the sole serif typeface among the TikTok group, as the name would imply. Serifs, which are the little flags and flourishes at the ends of letters, give a typeface an older, more traditional appearance. Although it’s not the TikTok Serif font, Times New Roman is a traditional serif typeface.

Georgia – Bold is the typeface used here. Thankfully, Georgia is yet another collection of royalty-free fonts that you are welcome to use for both personal and commercial purposes. Remember to bold the wording! If not, the line weight will differ from that of the Serif typeface on TikTok. You are now aware of the typefaces that TikTok utilizes, along with all of the “dupes” that are royalty-free. You now have access to the power of TikTok fonts, whether you desire the appearance of the video but would rather modify on a desktop or you were simply curious. Use it prudently.

How to Add Text to Your TikToks

You can spice up your TikTok videos with text in two simple ways: using the TikTok app or an external TikTok font generator. While external tools offer more font choices, it’s not always the best route. Let’s dive into adding text within the TikTok app, and we’ll touch on the pros and cons.

Adding Text Using the TikTok App

1. Open Your TikTok App:

Launch the TikTok app on your device, and you’ll see a plus icon at the bottom middle of your screen. From here, you can either create a new TikTok video or upload one you’ve already made.![plus icon to upload content](image of plus icon)

2. Click the Text Button:

In the top right corner, you’ll find the “Text” button. Tap it, and you can explore various fonts and colors to pick the one that suits the vibe of your video.![choose vibe with text colors fonts](image of text options)

3. Hit “Done”:

After choosing your font and color, tap “Done” in the top right corner. Now, you can add your caption and include any hashtags that fit your video’s theme.![describe post add hashtags](image of adding caption and hashtags)

4. Publish Your Content:

All that’s left is to share your masterpiece with the world! Hit the “Post” button, and your TikTok video with text is live for everyone to enjoy.![Post button](image of the post button)

That’s it! You’ve added text to your TikTok video right from the app. Experiment with different fonts and colors to create captivating and engaging content.

Adding Text with a Third-Party Desktop Tool

You have the flexibility to use various tools to add text to your TikToks, and the specific method will depend on the tool you choose. However, with user-friendly options like Canva or Vimeo, the process tends to be quite straightforward.

For instance, if you opt for Canva, the steps are as follows:

Step 1: Choose a Template or Upload Your Video

Begin by selecting a template from Canva or uploading your video.

![Grab template or upload video](image of template selection)

Step 2: Click on the Text

Click on the text element within the Canvas interface.

![Canva text](image of text element in Canva)

Step 3: Customize as Needed

Adjust the text and formatting to suit your preferences.

![Adjust options in Canva](image of text customization in Canva)

Step 4: Download and Upload to TikTok as Usual

After finalizing your text addition, download the edited content and proceed to upload it to TikTok following the usual steps.

![Download the edited content and upload to TikTok](image of downloading and uploading)

Using an external tool broadens your horizon with an array of unique font choices to enhance your content. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that TikToks with a more “in-app” look tend to resonate better with viewers compared to overly polished marketing videos. So, even if you create your video in a third-party app, using TikTok’s fonts might still be a wise choice.

Why text should be included in your TikTok videos

Including text in your TikTok material is a simple victory. These are some of the causes.
Remember to try something different if something isn’t working! Try with several text styles and font kinds until you discover one that suits your brand.


The amount of material on the For You page is overwhelming. You have to attract people’s attention right away if you want to stand out. Add some attention-grabbing text to the first few seconds and the thumbnail of your movie. You may also highlight key points in your message that you want people to pay close attention to with your on-screen text.


Not everyone listens when watching videos. By adding text to your videos, you may expand your audience.
Additionally, you may utilize text to assist break up larger portions and simplify your message for viewers.
Additionally, TikToks containing written content are easier for hard-of-hearing and Deaf viewers to access, which increases the number of individuals you can reach.

TikTok’s SEO and Video Optimization

TikTok’s algorithm, once a mystery, is becoming more transparent, and video search engine optimization (SEO) is now a crucial aspect of the platform’s success.

One of the key strategies for optimizing your TikTok content for SEO is to include relevant keywords in the on-screen text. These keywords help users discover your videos when they search for related content.

Moreover, TikTok encourages content creators to take full advantage of its features, such as special effects and text overlays. Using these features not only enhances the visual appeal of your videos but also positively influences your content’s ranking on TikTok’s “For You” page. In other words, embracing these tools can boost the visibility and reach of your content, potentially reaching a wider audience. So, when crafting your TikTok videos, consider how SEO and the platform’s features can work together to maximize your content’s impact.

Introducing TikTok Sans: Our Bespoke Typeface

We’re excited to present TikTok Sans, our brand-new typeface, crafted to celebrate creative self-expression. In partnership with Grilli Type, an esteemed type foundry, we’ve designed this versatile font to complement our diverse community of creators and visionaries. TikTok Sans is a global introduction, ensuring a consistent and optimized experience across our platform.

Built on innovation, TikTok Sans represents our unwavering commitment to enhancing user experience. It brings improvements in legibility, readability, and multi-language support to serve our global community:

Simplified and Distinguished Fonts: TikTok Sans features letters with more pronounced openings and clearer strokes, enhancing differentiation. These sleek, simplified shapes improve recognizability and reliability across languages, enhancing the user interface.

Improved Readability: Compared to the previous Proxima Nova typeface, TikTok Sans offers larger visuals and increased line height for better readability. A unique formula adjusts letter spacing, creating a more rhythmic platform experience.

Multi-Language Support: To embrace our global community, TikTok Sans supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Indonesian, Turkish, and Vietnamese, with more planned in the future.

We prioritize the safety and security of our community, and TikTok Sans includes built-in accessibility and anti-spoofing features. Stylistic alternatives for letters and numbers mitigate username spoofing, while equal-width number alternatives enhance alignment and reduce distractions.

TikTok Font Generator

A program or piece of software known as a TikTok Font Generator enables users to produce and alter text in a variety of fonts and styles for use in TikTok films and profiles. These generators often let TikTok users add a distinctive and eye-catching touch to their material by providing a variety of font variations, text effects, and formatting options. To improve the visual attractiveness of their material, users may copy and paste these personalized fonts into their biographies, video overlays, and subtitles on TikTok. we wrote new articles on fonts, please visit and tell us how you find them

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What Font Does TikTok Use?

TikTok utilizes the “Classic” font, closely resembling “Proxima Nova – Semibold.”

How Can You Create a Stylish Font Username on TikTok?

It’s straightforward to create a unique font username or incorporate special characters and stylish fonts into your TikTok bio. Follow these steps:

  • Use a third-party text generator like Fontalic.
  • Input your desired text.
  • Select your preferred font style.
  • Copy and paste the customized font into your TikTok profile.

Why is the choice of font important for TikTok?

The choice of font is crucial for TikTok as it contributes to the platform’s overall aesthetic and user experience. It helps convey the brand’s identity and plays a role in making content visually appealing and engaging.

Is TikTok’s font consistent across all devices and platforms?

Yes, TikTok strives to maintain a consistent font style across its mobile app, website, and various brand materials to create a unified and recognizable brand image.

Can TikTok’s font change over time?

Yes, the choice of font or typeface for a brand like TikTok can evolve over time as part of rebranding efforts or design updates. It’s essential for companies to adapt to changing trends and design preferences.

What impact does TikTok’s font have on its users and content creators?

TikTok’s font contributes to the overall experience of content creators and users by setting the tone for the platform. It may influence how users perceive and engage with content, so the choice of font aligns with TikTok’s brand messaging.

How can I use TikTok’s font for my own content or projects?

To use TikTok’s font in your content or projects, you can manually choose a font that closely resembles it, such as “Proxima Nova – Semibold,” or use a graphic design tool that provides similar fonts. Ensure you follow the platform’s branding guidelines for accurate representation.

Is TikTok’s font selection available for customization or branding purposes?

TikTok may have specific guidelines for using its font for branding purposes. Organizations or brands interested in using TikTok’s font for their materials should reach out to TikTok’s brand management or follow their branding guidelines.

Can the font be changed within the TikTok app for individual users’ content?

TikTok users typically have limited control over the font used in their content within the app. The platform provides font options for text overlays, but they may not be as flexible as using customized fonts from external sources.

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