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YouTube adopted the Trade Gothic Bold Condensed 20 font for its logo when it was redesigned in 2011. Jackson Burke created the initial cuts of Trade Gothic Font in 1948. While serving as director of type development for Mergenthaler-Linotype in the USA, he worked on additional weights and styles until 1960.

YouTube, a widely renowned video-sharing platform, enables users to upload, share, and watch videos online. In 2005, YouTube made its initial debut in San Bruno, founded by three individuals, and in 2006, it was acquired by Google for a staggering $1.65 billion. The YouTube font is ideal for a variety of purposes, including branding initiatives, T-shirt designs, advertisements, book covers, social media postings, product packaging, watermarks, and invitations.

Basic Info of YouTube Logo Font

here’s a basic information table focusing on the YouTube Logo Font details:

Font NameTrade Gothic Font
Modified VersionYes
Font Features– Blends classic and modern design elements – Bold and elegant letterforms – Unique character shapes – Offers a range of alternative characters for customization
LicensePersonal Use Only
Font TypeFree
Font FormatTTF (TrueType Font)
Total Font Files1

Similar Font to YouTube logo Font

here are some useful alternative fonts to the YouTube logo font that can used in design to boost your creativity:

Helvetica Neue Font: Helvetica Neue is a versatile and widely used font that offers clean, modern lines. It can be a great alternative for a simple and contemporary look.

Roboto Font: Roboto is a modern sans-serif font designed for better readability on screens. It’s a popular choice for digital designs and can work well for a YouTube-related project.

Oswald Font: Oswald is a bold and condensed font that shares similarities with the YouTube logo font, especially in its condensed style. It’s great for creating impact in titles and headings.

Arimo Font: Arimo is a sans-serif font with a clean and easy-to-read design. It can be a good choice for projects where clarity and simplicity are essential.

Nunito Font: Nunito is a rounded sans-serif font that offers a friendly and approachable appearance. It’s a suitable option for designs that aim to be more inviting.

Lato Font: Lato is a sans-serif font that combines modern and humanist traits. It’s a versatile font that can work well in a variety of design contexts.

Raleway Font: Raleway is an elegant and thin sans-serif font that can add a touch of sophistication to your designs. It’s an excellent choice for headers and titles.

Muli: Font Muli is a minimalist sans-serif font with a simple and straightforward design. It’s perfect for projects that require a clean and uncluttered look.

Bebas Neue Font: Bebas Neue is a tall and bold sans-serif font that can make a bold statement in your design. It’s a great choice for creating a strong visual impact.

Exo Font: Exo is a geometric sans-serif font with a modern and stylish appearance. It’s suitable for designs that need a touch of elegance.

Five Best Fonts for YouTube Thumbnails

When creating YouTube thumbnails, choosing the right font is crucial to make your content visually appealing and recognizable. Here are five of the best fonts for YouTube thumbnails:

  1. Roboto: Roboto is a clean and modern sans-serif font that offers excellent readability. It’s versatile and can be used for various types of YouTube content, from tech tutorials to lifestyle vlogs.
  2. Montserrat: Montserrat is another popular sans-serif font known for its elegance and versatility. It adds a touch of sophistication to your thumbnails and works well for fashion, beauty, or travel channels.
  3. Bebas Neue: Bebas Neue is a bold and eye-catching font that can make your text stand out. It’s ideal for YouTube channels that want to emphasize keywords or phrases in their thumbnails, such as gaming or fitness channels.
  4. Lobster: Lobster is a stylish and script font that adds a personal touch to your thumbnails. It’s great for channels that focus on cooking, food, or DIY projects.
  5. Playfair Display: Playfair Display is a classic serif font that exudes elegance and professionalism. It’s suitable for educational, business, or history-related channels.

YouTube Logo Font Generator:

A YouTube logo font generator is a creative tool that allows users to generate text in the distinctive style of the YouTube logo. While YouTube’s actual logo font, Alternate Gothic, may not be readily available in font generators, you can find similar fonts that capture the essence of the YouTube logo. These generators enable users to customize text, font size, and other attributes to create YouTube-inspired text for various design projects.

YouTube Logo Font Style Download:

If you’re looking to use the YouTube logo font style in your design projects, you’ll need to download a suitable font. While YouTube’s official font may not be available for download due to copyright restrictions, you can find alternative fonts that closely resemble the YouTube logo style. Many font websites offer free and paid fonts for download, allowing you to choose a font that matches your design needs.

Continuing our exploration of font styles, you can also download the ‘Esther Font‘ now for another unique option. Furthermore, if you’re looking for more variety, consider checking out our collection of free fonts including the ‘Crow Font Download Free!

YouTube Logo Font Style:

The YouTube logo font type is well-known for being strong and recognizable, and it is closely linked to the platform. Although Alternate Gothic is a typeface that is similar to YouTube’s logo but is not publicly available, it nevertheless embodies the style. Bold, striking, and appropriate for designing visually engaging designs, this font type is great for YouTube-related material in particular.

YouTube Logo Font Dafont:

Dafont is a popular online platform that offers a wide range of fonts for various design purposes. While YouTube’s official font may not be available on Dafont due to copyright restrictions, you can explore Dafont’s extensive collection to find alternative fonts that resemble the YouTube logo font style. Dafont provides an array of fonts for download and personal use, making it a valuable resource for designers.

YouTube Sans Font:

The font used in YouTube’s branding and user interface, YouTube Sans, was created specifically for the platform. It offers a crisp, contemporary look that improves readability and eye appeal. Even though YouTube Sans might not be accessible to the general public, you can still choose comparable sans-serif fonts to give your projects a modern, clean appearance.

YouTube Logo Font Canva:

Canva is a popular graphic design tool that offers a user-friendly platform for creating various design projects. While Canva provides a library of fonts, including several sans-serif options, you can explore these fonts to achieve a style similar to the YouTube logo font. Canva simplifies the design process and allows users to customize text with ease.

YouTube Logo Font Change Today:

As of the latest available information, YouTube has not officially changed its logo font. The platform’s logo font has remained relatively consistent in its bold and recognizable style. Any recent changes or updates related to the YouTube logo font would be provided by YouTube itself or through official announcements.

YouTube Logo Font Reddit:

Reddit is a well-liked forum for debate and information exchange. Look through related articles or subreddits on Reddit for ideas, conversations, or suggestions for typefaces that resemble the YouTube logo. The community could offer helpful advice and resources about typefaces that perfectly embody the aesthetic of the YouTube logo. For networking with other designers and font aficionados, Reddit is a helpful resource.


For designers, it may be a fulfilling endeavor to identify the typefaces used in well-known logos. Thanks to the updated version provided in this post, you may now use Alternate Gothic, the typeface used for the YouTube logo. With its distinctive fusion of contemporary and traditional design features, this typeface presents an opportunity to produce visually striking designs that capture the essence of YouTube. To add the unique spirit of this well-known platform to your creative endeavors, download the altered Alternate Gothic. Your upcoming YouTube logo design project will have a powerful visual effect and be remembered for a long time. Have fun with your design!


What font does YouTube use for its logo?

  • YouTube’s logo font is called “Trade Gothic Font.” It’s a distinctive typeface known for its bold and elegant lettering.

Is the YouTube logo font available for personal use?

  • Yes, you can download a modified version of the YouTube logo font, known as “modified Alternate Gothic,” for personal use. It’s available for free in TTF format.

Can I use the YouTube logo font for commercial projects?

  • The font is typically available for personal use only. If you intend to use it for commercial purposes or branding, you should check the font’s licensing terms and, if necessary, purchase a commercial license.

Where can I find the YouTube logo font for download?

  • You can find the modified Alternate Gothic font for YouTube logos on various font websites and resources. Look for trusted sources to ensure you download the correct font.

Are there alternatives to the YouTube logo font?

  • Yes, there are alternative fonts that you can use to achieve a similar style in your designs. Fonts like Roboto, Montserrat, and Bebas Neue are popular choices for YouTube thumbnails and branding.

Can I customize the YouTube logo font for my own branding?

  • While you can use fonts that resemble the YouTube logo font, it’s essential to create a distinct and unique brand identity. You can customize fonts to match your branding while maintaining your originality.

How can I create my own YouTube logo using the logo font?

  • You can design your YouTube logo by downloading the font, installing it on your design software, and using it to create your logo. Be sure to follow YouTube’s branding guidelines if you plan to use it officially.

Are there specific guidelines for using the YouTube logo font in my designs?

  • YouTube has brand guidelines and policies for using its logo and fonts in your designs. Be sure to review these guidelines to ensure compliance.

Where can I get design inspiration for YouTube logos and thumbnails?

  • You can find design inspiration on platforms like Pinterest, Behance, and YouTube itself. Look for examples from successful YouTubers and graphic designers to spark your creativity.

Can I modify the YouTube logo font to create a unique look for my channel?

  • You can modify fonts to some extent, but ensure that your modifications respect copyright and licensing terms. Creating a unique look often involves combining fonts, adjusting colors, and adding other design elements.

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